Boeing Hire 10000 Workers To Ramp Up Its Production In 2023

It was in the Boeing Ramps Up its Production, Announces it is to Hire Thousands of Workers in 2023

As the pandemic hit the world, Boeing found itself at the very center of it. The company had to go through a lot throughout the pandemic period as there were hardly any orders coming in.

The uncertainty throughout the airline industry during the pandemic had pushed Boeing’s business to the very bottom.

On top of that, Boeing was cursed with one major problem after another. The airline regulators had to intervene and take matters into their own hands.

The company had several of its aircraft lose their parts and they failed to meet the quality standards. The situation did not look promising for Boeing and the company did not think it would get out of the trouble that soon.

The regulatory authorities issued an entire policy guideline that the company was expected to follow. It had to maintain certain standards so it could continue operating as the largest aircraft manufacturer.

Boeing is making a Return

Turns out, Boeing has started to make a comeback and things are looking very promising for the aircraft manufacturer.

The company has hinted that it has been receiving many orders lately and they may need a very high workforce to meet the demand and the deadlines.

Boeing has revealed that they are expecting to hire several thousand workers in the ongoing year. As per the inside sources, the company is looking forward to hiring 10,000 workers in the year 2023 alone.

The company executives were glad to reveal that their company has finally started to recover from the pandemic downfall. They are anticipating a very strong and high increase in the production of jetliners.

Therefore, they will need to increase their production and for that, they will have to have a very high workforce.

On the other hand, the company has announced that despite hiring a new workforce, they will have to do something about the support jobs.

They will be trimming the support jobs but the reduction would not be very significant but a small one. The announcement was reportedly made by Boeing on Friday.

Boost in Employments in the Past Couple of Years

After the pandemic, Boeing has seen its business and demand grow significantly. This is the reason why the company has continued increasing its workforce throughout the year 2021 and then 2022.

In the year 2021, Boeing hired a small number of employees and that was towards the end of 2021. As the year 2021 came to conclusion, there were 142,000 workers at Boeing.

However, throughout the year 2022, Boeing kept hiring and increased its employ-base by 14,000. This increased the figure for the airliner manufacturer to 156,000 workers.

Now the Virginia-based company is aiming to increase its employee base and it is aiming to do it throughout the year 2023.

Most of the workforce Boeing has is based in the United States. As of now, the workforce Boeing has in the United States is more than 136,000.

It goes to suggest that 87.17% of the total workforce belonging to Boeing is based in the United States.

Why the Reduction in Support Positions?

According to the company officials, they want to deal with their production and demand very smartly. Therefore, they will be lowering their staff when it comes to certain support functions.

They will be going through each support function thoroughly to establish how many employees they require in the particular space.

If they have extra staffing, they may take it off so they can employ them for production-related purposes or to bring fresh workers entirely.

The company has hinted that the sectors where they see growth in the workforce are manufacturing and engineering.

The demand from airlines is constantly rising and they have to deal with it as soon as possible.

Despite the announcement, the company’s share prices have not witnessed a positive movement. The share prices for Boeing saw a 0.73% dip in the latest trading session.

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