Stocks For Lyft Get Hammered After Sharing Earnings For Latest Quarter

The share prices for Lyft have not recorded the surge that the investors had hoped to see for a long time.

The investors had hoped that the share prices for Lyft would surge significantly in the Friday morning trading session.

However, things did not work out the way the investors had expected for the company’s share prices.

Although the investors hoped that the trading prices for the company’s shares would go up, they ended up plunging.

According to the stock market data, Lyft’s share prices plunged by 35% in the Friday trading session. This happened as the company shared earnings that were not promising at all.

The company reportedly shared its quarterly earnings and they are extremely disappointing for investors. Therefore, the investments stopped coming in favor of Lyft and its share prices went downwards.

High Revenue but Low Guidance

Although the company reported weak earnings in the recent quarter, it did report having generated strong revenue in the same period.

As for the guidance shared by the ride-sharing company, the figures were much lower than the expectations set by the analysts.

The data shared by Lyft shows that the company is not looking at favorable growth and earnings in the upcoming quarters.

The management at Lyft has revealed that they are expecting $975 million worth of revenue in the upcoming quarter. The expectations shared by the analysts for the upcoming quarter’s revenue were $1.1 billion.

Insult for Lyft

The most insulting part for Lyft was that Uber has demonstrated a strong performance in the recent quarter.

The largest ride-hailing company reported more promising earnings than what the analysts had expected. The company’s earnings were extremely promising, which helped push its share prices at a significant rate.

As the company shared strong earnings, its shares hit a 52-week high. Since then, the company’s shares have retreated and in the running week, its shares have recorded a 5% dip.

According to Lyft officials, the broader market situation has been much weaker than expected. They did try to deal with the situation but they did not work well in the end.

The situation was very challenging for the company and that is what caused a huge demise in their earnings in the fourth quarter of 2022.

The company’s stocks have recorded a huge downfall ever since its earnings and outlook were shared. Ever since the company’s shares plummeted by 35%, its stock market trend has become bearish.

Due to recent developments, stocks for Lyft have lost their market worth and credibility. However, the share prices for Uber have become very attractive to investors.

They may go for Uber shares and may not go for Lyft stocks because they are trusting its performance in the future.

The ride-sharing company has to come up with more interesting features and offers that may increase the company’s attraction. This would help increase the share prices for Lyft and bring it back into the business.

Lyft Share’s Retracement

The analysis data shows that the retracement for the shares of Lyft is in order. At the time of writing, the share prices for Lyft are at $11.22.

Although the shares of the company are down, analysts are predicting that its shares may get pushed higher.

If the shares for Lyft enter the 78.6% retracement level, then the company’s shares may get pushed to a higher level.

According to the analysts, the shares for Lyft may get pushed up to $12.50. It is a 50-day moving average that the share prices for Lyft may hit if it manages to hit the retracement level.

If the situation worsens for Lyft, then the company’s share prices may start declining. As the market trend becomes bearish, the trading price for Lyft may get pulled to a low of $9.66.

Lyft has a very challenging situation in front of it and if it manages to prevail, then its share prices may elevate higher.

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