5 Ways to Earn Cryptocurrencies Without Purchasing Them

Crypto is attracting a lot of people, and this is evident as everyone wants a piece of it. While most people prefer to just buy and hold crypto, there are other ways to invest in crypto assets.

Some people prefer to trade them actively using technical and other analysis methods. Others prefer to invest in crypto stocks rather than hold the assets directly.

This is motivated by the  fear of crypto volatility, while some investors in this class just don’t have time to manage personal wallets.

Another category is those who can and have the time to manage a crypto wallet but are reluctant to purchase cryp[to assets with their money.

If you’re in this category, there’s great news for you. You can actually get crypto assets without having to pay for them. 

How does this work you ask? Well here are five easy ways you can own crypto without sending a dime to pay for them. Ready?

Crypto Airdrops 

The most popular and probably the oldest way to get free crypto assets is through crypto airdrops. This is a process through which a crypto project gets its tokens in the hands of potential users. 

The crypto project launching does the distribution of the tokens to make the crypto community familiar with the token, and also to make it available to interested persons as a form of “free trial”.

In turn, the airdrop participants do a few things to help the project gain visibility. For example, they are required to share the social media handles of the project, like, or comment on the handle as a condition to qualify for the airdrop.

Crypto airdrops are becoming more complicated and may have certain requirements that are difficult to meet, such as previous interaction with a decentralized exchange etc. However, you usually get the airdrop once you meet the conditions.

Crypto Faucets 

The word ‘faucet” literally means a tap through which water flow is controlled in the kitchen, bathroom or elsewhere. Crypto faucets are therefore platforms where you can get crypto at a regulated rate, and for free.

A crypto faucet has requirements also for getting the crypto assets. This may include carrying out a few activities such as watching videos, playing games, or filling out surveys online. It may also be as simple as spinning a digital wheel. 

Faucets give a fixed amount of crypto either for carrying out an activity or for spinning a wheel. The interval between sessions also varies, but you can use multiple faucets at the same time. While amounts earned through faucets are quite small, they can add up given time and effort.

Work for Crypto

As the popularity of crypto assets continues to increase, so are the use cases, and one of the most common ones is payments. It is now possible to work and get paid in cryptocurrencies. In fact, writers on this website get paid exclusively in crypto.

There are many jobs that will be willing to pay you in crypto, especially digital ones. Therefore if you have a digital skill such as writing, graphic design, etc, chances are that someone is willing to pay for your skill with crypto, all you have to do is ask.

Learn and Earn

As Unbelievable as it sounds, there are websites that pay you just to learn about cryptocurrencies. A typical example is the Coinbase Learn and Earn program, which pays you in crypto to learn about cryptocurrencies.

This is in a bid to get more people interested in crypto, and has been working well over the years. You only have to be in supported countries to participate.

Use Brave Browser

Brave is a security-focused browser that comes with security features that keep its users safe from malware, hacks, and other kinds of risks online. The browser also rewards you with its native token, Basic Attention Token (BAT) when you use it.

This gives you an easy alternative to earn crypto assets without having to pay for it. All you have to do is keep using the browser and agree to view selected ads. 

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