Apple Set to Increase its Stock Prices with the Latest Business Plan

As per the latest reports, Apple has made an announcement for its enthusiasts and users all over the world. The tech giant has announced that it is going to adopt a new strategy for all of its future iPhones. According to Apple, all next-generation iPhones it is going to launch would have the 5G technology embedded into them.

This means that starting in 2022, all iPhones launched through Apple would have 5G capability. The company has also announced that the revamped versions of its iPhones would also have the same capability to operate 5G networks.

Nikkei Asia, the largest financial news publishing firm has revealed more details around the new strategy from Apple. The firm has revealed that starting from the year 2022, Apple will cease to manufacture any iPhones with 4G capability.

Any iPhone introduced by Apple from the following year would have the 5G-capability, offering customers the latest technology. Apple has also announced that from the year 2022, it will start selling versions of the cheapest smartphones that the company has ever produced.

The company has announced that for now, the budget phone, iPhone SE that gained tremendous success would be the one with 5G capability. The revamped version of the iPhone SE will reportedly have that 5G capability added to it.

Furthermore, Apple has announced that no new model or version of the iPhone Mini will be introduced by the company in the year 2022. According to Nikkei Asia, Apple decided to discontinue the production of the iPhone Mini following the feedback it received from its customers.

According to Apple, the company was not able to garner enough sales from the consumers’ end for the iPhone Mini smartphones. Therefore, the company has decided to not proceed with the move and not launch the new iPhone Mini phones in the upcoming year.

According to the reporting firm, the inside sources have provided information in regards to Apple not launching new iPhones in the upcoming year.

The inside sources have also revealed that Apple is planning to launch the new budget iPhone in the mid of 2022. The best thing about the new iPhones would that they would have the A15 processors installed into them. The A15 processors are reportedly powered by Apple.

iPhone is also planning to integrate the A15 process chips inside the new premium iPhones it is going to introduce this year. The sources have also revealed that Qualcomm would be responsible for enabling the 5G connectivity for the iPhone sets.

The analysts at Apple are also looking forward to launching the earnings for the third quarter of the running year. The data regarding the expectations of the share prices would also be shared by Apple this coming Tuesday.

According to stats, Apple is hoping to see an increase of $1.01 a share in the running quarter.

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