Best Platforms to Earn Passive Income With XRP in 2024

There are many ways to make money with crypto in 2024. The most popular one is to simply buy and hold crypto assets such as XRP, wait for the price to appreciate and then sell.

This method is easy to practice and doesn’t require any level of technical expertise. All you need is a crypto wallet and you’re good to go. Even beginners can therefore do it with crypto assets like XRP and others. 

However, the best way is to earn passive income on your crypto assets. This method is similar to buying and holding, only that you have to hold it with certain conditions attached, mostly not within a personal wallet.

In this guide, we highlight three of the best places where you can earn passive income with your XRP holdings. The conditions vary from one platform to another, and as well as the amount of interest you can earn. 

Which one you choose eventually depends on what your goals are and the conditions you’re willing to put up with. The following are the platforms to choose from.


Binance is known as the largest crypto exchange by trading volume, but it is also one of the best platforms for earning passive income with crypto assets. Through its Binance Earn platform, you can earn passive income on different crypto assets, including XRP.

You can choose to lend or stake XRP, both of which earn you passive rewards as income on your XRP holdings. This is not the technical on-chain staking since XRP isn’t a proof-of-stake asset, but you still earn by holding XRP on the platform.

All you have to do is head to Binance if you’re already a user, or create and verify an account as a new user. Go to the Binance Earn option and choose whether you wish to lend or stake, choose XRP and select the amount of XRP you want to use and finalize it.


Bybit is another crypto trading platform that offers passive income with XRP through its Bybit Savings service. This service allows you to earn passive interest on XRP you hold on the platform through the savings option.

According to Bybit, the service is a flexible, low-risk, high rewards platform for users to earn passive income with very low entry barriers that allow almost anyone to benefit from it. You’ll also earn higher returns that most platforms offer.

To participate, simply log into your Bybit account or create one, and then proceed to the Bybit Earn option. Select XRP and the amount you want to save and that’s all. You’ll start earning interest immediately.


Nexo is a crypto bank that also allows users to trade crypto assets. It is also a great place to earn passive income through rewards by staking and holding crypto assets on the platform. Nxeo has an Earn on Crypto Suite service that caters to the needs of customers in this area.

You only need to proceed there and choose XRP as the asset you wish to earn interest on. There are many options for earning interest on XRP with Nexo.

The first is Nexo Standard which earns you 5% APY, on your XRP paid out daily. You earn this by simply transferring your XRP to your Nexo account. The second is the Nexo Token Bonus, which earns you 6% APY. 

The extra 1% applies if up to 10% of your Nexo holdings comprises Nexo tokens. The third option is for you to earn your XRP rewards in Nexo tokens rather than XRP. this pays you the highest interest of 8% which is paid out daily.

Start Earning with Your XRP

These are the best platforms to use for staking your XRP tokens to start earning passive income. Be sure to do a little research to see the most up to date conditions before choosing your platform to make sure you get what you’re going for.

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