Bitcoin Exodus Continues After Four Strength Weeks, As Altcoins Raves

For Bitcoin, the previous weeks have been nothing short of an ‘unsteady’ in the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin has seen its ups and downs, reaching a high of $60,000 in November 2021 and a low of $14,000 in late 2022.

Nevertheless, as the market started to moderate, Bitcoin soon recaptured the $20,000 level in January 2023 and recently cleared the $30,000 milestone in May 2023, trading at $27,075 at the time of writing. Despite this recent rise, the exodus from Bitcoin has continued for a fourth week in a row as more investors leave the cryptocurrency.

Numerous factors, such as regulatory burden and worries about the effects of Bitcoin mining on the environment, have been used to explain this trend. At the same time, Altcoins have been riding the wave of increasing interest in Bitcoin.  With investors seeking to diversify their portfolios beyond Bitcoin, they (altcoins) have seen a rise in popularity. 

Ethereum, which has had a tremendous increase in value, has become one of the most well-liked altcoins in recent months. Currently, the price of Ethereum is about $3,000, up from the year’s starting price of about $800. Other well-known altcoins include Binance Coin, Cardano, and Dogecoin, all of which have experienced substantial increases recently.

Experts Acknowledge Bitcoin Performance, Predicts Brighter Future 

However, several industry experts caution that because they are sometimes less well-established and can be more volatile than Bitcoin, altcoins can be riskier investments. Bitcoin continues to be the most popular and commonly utilized cryptocurrency despite the current explosion in Altcoins. 

It has been operational for more than ten years and has a sizable, devoted user base. The current migration, though, raises the possibility that Bitcoin may not be immune to the ups and downs of the cryptocurrency market. The regulatory environment surrounding cryptocurrencies is also constantly changing, and several governments are debating how to control virtual currencies.

The mining of cryptocurrencies has already been severely restricted in China, and numerous other nations are considering taking similar action. As investors grow more anxious about the possibility of government, this regulatory uncertainty has led to the recent outflows from Bitcoin. 

Meanwhile, Bitcoin has witnessed some recorded outflow of almost $38 million, which accounts for 80% of every outflow in all the cryptocurrency investments for the May 13 weekend. This trend has continued for four straight weeks hence, rounding up the week’s outflow to a total of $200 million, which represents 0.6% of all the managed assets.

Investor’s Behaviour, Countries With The Biggest Inflows Named 

Experts, on their side, suggest that Bitcoin investors are too focused on Bitcoin. It was also gathered that the products also accounted for $10.4 million at this time. Eight altcoins also had inflows. It was revealed that Cardano, TRON, and Ethereum had the biggest inflows. According to a report from CoinShares, the much-talked-about outflow happened across different regions.

They said that this indicates that the activities that propel this trend are not restricted to some clique of investors. Investigation into this development revealed that countries like the United States, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, and Brazil recorded the highest number of outflows. Statistically, Germany had $30.5 million in outflows, accompanied by the United States with $12.4 billion.

Then Brazil with $7 million, then Switzerland with $4.2 million, and Sweden with $400,000. Many investors have also been troubled by the effects that cryptocurrency mining is having on the environment. According to estimates, the energy used by bitcoin mining is comparable to that of an entire country like Argentina or the Netherlands.

This has prompted calls for more energy-efficient mining techniques as well as a wider acceptance of other cryptocurrencies. Despite these difficulties, a rising number of investors are nevertheless drawn to the Bitcoin market. 

Even as investors grow more wary of Bitcoin, the recent rise of Altcoins demonstrates that there is still a significant demand for digital currencies. It will be interesting to see how these tendencies take shape as the market develops and which cryptocurrencies end up succeeding in the long run. 

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