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Bitwest Group Review

BitwestGroup logoThe people who want to begin trading are of all types. I have seen that some are focused on making big profits in the short-term while others have quite a long-term plan. Yes, it is good to have some short-term success, but the real career is built on long-term aims.

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You want to join a platform where you can keep getting better with time so you can rely on your trading skills completely. My BitwestGroup review focuses on a platform that I think promotes constant growth for traders.

You see, the broker doesn’t physically push you to be the best. It just has to create the conditions in which you feel like going forward and growing yourself. Why I think this broker has created these conditions can be fully known through this Bitwest Group review.

Spreads Continue to Shrink

Do you know what annoys a lot of traders the most? Well, nothing annoys them more than huge spreads. The spread tells you how much money the broker will make on every trader that you execute. It’s like a commission but in the form of a fee that you can calculate by looking at the buying and selling price of the same asset.

The best brokers are the ones that keep their spreads tight or at least market-competitive. Bitwest Group broker has worked hard to provide you with some really tight spreads. They are already quite impressive if you begin trading with a basic trading account. However, BitwestGroup broker continues to shrink them further for you when you go higher on the list of accounts. So, you can say that conditions favor you more the more you trade.

Leverage Designed Intelligently

Some brokers will tell you that you will be able to leverage your trades no matter which account you pick. When you sign up with them, you realize that you can leverage your trades in all the markets. However, the issue with their approach is that you get the same leverage no matter which asset you are trading, which market you are in, and which trading account you have gone with. If you look at the trading accounts provided by Bitwest Group broker, you will realize that it has put some thought behind its leverages. In other words, there are varying leverages for different traders.

When you begin trading, you enjoy smaller leverages because you are not fully aware of their pros and cons. However, as you become a professional trader, you can use larger leverages that are offered with basic and pro trading accounts. pros

More Trading Alerts and Signals

The trading alerts and signals you receive as a trader can help you greatly in predicting the price movements of the assets. You want to sign up with a broker that can offer you plenty of trading alerts, so you don’t miss any golden opportunities of trading. You can enjoy that luxury when you sign up with Bitwest Group trading platform and it only gets better for you as you grow.

You will get some trading alerts and signals with a basic trading account, but the frequency continues to increase for advanced traders. You can enjoy trading alerts every week and then it goes from every week to every single day. That’s how trading becomes lucrative on Bitwest Group trading platform for crypto trading, forex traders, and more.

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The Loyalty Points for All

Loyalty points are great for brokers to offer some excitement to their traders. Bitwest Group trading platform offers you loyalty points when you join the platform and continue to trade actively for some time. It available for everyone i.e. crypto traders, commodities traders, indices, traders, and all. Once you are signed up with the broker and trading on a frequent basis, you are collecting points with each trade.

There comes a point when you can use these points for many purposes. You can reinvest them in your trades to catch certain trading positions or you can even withdraw them into your bank account as profits. The good news is that this platform gives you both these options.

Is BitwestGroup Scam or Legit?

When you become a trader, you must never lose sight of your trading goals. More importantly, growing with time and becoming a pro at it should always be a part the goal. If you want constant growth, I think this platform is an amazing place for you to get started. Its features will support you in many ways and I don’t think there should be any question about its integrity as an online broker.

Final Thoughts

While a lot of people see the strength of a broker from the number of traders that join it every year, I see it from the number of traders that stay with it. With this Bitwest Group review, I have tried to show you that this platform is unique and has quite an amazing retention rate of its traders due to its trading conditions.

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