Buying Solana (SOL)? Here are the Best Exchanges to Use

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Solana is one of the best performing crypto assets this year, and is still on its way to higher levels. The has gone up more than 200% this year, and is poised to go higher according to analysts.

Investors who got in earlier are smiling now, but it isn’t too late. If you have not bought the asset before, you can still do so before it starts its next movement up. If you want to do that, there are certain factors you should consider about the platform to use for buying. 

Some platforms are more convenient to use than others depending on a few factors such as where you live and payment options available to you. Whatever is the case, the following are the best crypto exchanges you can use to buy Solana.


Binance is an easy to use crypto exchange with high liquidity, no wonder it is the most popular crypto exchange in the world. The exchange is also one of the safest exchanges to use, since it has several security measures in place to protect users.

One of these measures is its proof of reserves which is evidence that users’ funds are insured and not at risk even if the exchange is compromised. Except for a few countries where crypto isn’t allowed, Binance is accessible from most countries.

You can buy SOL using several methods, including peer-to-peer trading using your local currency or by first depositing funds to the exchange and then buying.


Coinbase is the most popular crypto exchange in the U.S, and one of the biggest in the world. It has a unique selection of over 100 crypto assets including Solana. Coinbase was the first crypto exchange to go public, making it a leader in the industry with a lot of integrity.

You can send funds to the exchange using bank transfer which is free, or using credit/debit cards which costs 3.99% of the transaction amount. There are other methods available depending on where you live, but American users have more options with lower fees.

Coinbase is known for its simple design, which makes it easy to navigate and use even for a complete newbie. 


Kraken is another top U.S exchange and one of the leading ones in the world. This one is known for its superior security since it has never been compromised despite being one of the oldest exchanges.

You can use different methods to deposit money and buy Solana on Kraken with lower fees than Coinbase. The platform also has a staking service that may be available to you depending on your country of residence. 

Kraken’s design makes it more suitable for use by advanced users, but beginners can also use it easily. It also has an NFT marketplace and since Solana is one of the top blockchains supporting NFTs, this may be a good platform for buying the asset.


OKX provides a simple and easy platform for buying and trading crypto assets. The platform supports close to 400 assets including Solana. Its design makes it suitable for both beginner and experienced investors and traders.

You can also access the exchange through its wallet app if you wish to buy and trade crypto assets on the go. You can also stake your Solana on this exchange and earn interest as passive income.

If you’re considering buying and staking Solana, OKX may be just the platform for you.


Okcoin is another popular platform for buying Solana. The exchange has a robust design that makes it the ideal for just anyone. You can deposit funds on the platform through debit/credit cards and ApplePay.

New users get a $10 reward just for signing up when they buy $100 worth of crypto assets. You can use it from over 30 countries. However, the fees are kind of high just like those og Coinbase.

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