Doctor Abandons His Job to Start Full time Crypto Trading Journey

Crypto has been front, right and center in the news these days. As you would expect, sometimes the news is good while other times it may not be as positive. More often than not, people get to hear good things about the world of crypto.

Recently, a nurse, in his early thirties made the news after making millions of Dollars from his crypto investments. Named Josh Dorgan, this nurse is around the age of 41 and belongs to the state of Nebraska. Perhaps the most interesting part of the news is that Josh has turned crypto trading into a full time job.

While there are several reasons why Josh decided to trade crypto instead of becoming a full time nurse, there is one big reason, and that is profits. Compared to several other options available these days, crypto investment happens to be the most profitable.

What’s more, it is quite steady compared to other options, making it an ideal thing to invest in. As time passes, more and more people are realizing that opting for crypto is a better idea compared to investing their hard-earned money in gold and stocks. Sure, these options are not bad either, but they offer significantly less returns than what crypto does.

What’s most impressive about Josh’s crypto journey is that he has been able to earn revenues up to seven figures on a regular basis. This only goes to show that investing in crypto can be highly lucrative as long as you know what you are doing.

Merely choosing a crypto option and investing in it is not good enough. You also have to learn the nuances and the minor details about the digital currency you invest in. It is essentially, what separates the successful investors from the unsuccessful ones.

By making crypto investing his day job, Josh also gets to spend a decent amount of time with his family, something that a career as a nurse did not allow him. As time passes, more and more people are realizing that working the 9 to 5 grind may not be ideal for them.

Because of this, they are looking at alternative career options that offer them more freedom. One of those options happens to be a career as a crypto trader. There has been a significant increase in people taking up crypto investing and trading as a full time endeavor.

A large number of crypto experts and analysts believe that this number will multiply within a few months. This is because more people are crypto literate these days and are aware about the ins and outs of choosing and investing in digital currencies.

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