Ex-Cap Review – Can You Trust This Broker?

Ex-Cap Review – Can You Trust This Broker?
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Ex-Cap Review
Read our Ex-Cap.com review at Online Trading Secrets blog and get all the relevant info about EX-Cap before you sign up with the broker.
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Introducing Ex-Cap

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Ex-Cap is a retail trading brand specializing in CDIs, a new form of tokenized assets that seem appealing at first glance. The company is registered with the FSA and regulated by M.I.S.A., which is good in terms of customer protection and professionalism.

At the same time, registering with this broker looks fast and accessible. There are only a few steps to complete and it’s possible to get started even with little funding. All of these make Ex-Cap a promising provider, so we would like to provide some more details on their trading conditions.

CDI trading with Ex-Cap

Benefits of CDIs

Back in the day, you needed fiat to trade markets such as FX, stocks and commodities. Cryptocurrency holders had to sell their coins, deposit fiat in a bank account or e-wallet and only then deposit in a brokerage account. All these steps consumed a lot of time and carried fees.

The benefit of trading with a broker like Ex-Cap is that you no longer have to complete these useless steps. You can deposit crypto and then trade on tokenized assets that are priced in crypto. And the good part is that you are not limited to crypto coins when trading.

Currencies, shares, indices and commodities are covered as well. You can trade with up to 1:200 leverage and tight spreads. Trading commissions will apply only if you hold a Basic account.

Account Types

We can say that Ex-Cap is a brokerage for the broader public, not just thanks to the diverse asset selection, but also due to the account types available. At the time of writing you can choose between:

  • Basic account
  • Classic account
  • Individual account
Ex-Cap account comparison table

Each has a specific list of features and to help users figure out which one is the best, Ex-Cap has a comprehensive table on its website. As you can see, there are differences in terms of spreads, commissions, and support.

Also, you get access to the entire list of CDIs, market execution, and maximum leverage of 1:200, regardless of what account type you hold. All clients trade using a personalized platform designed by Ex-Cap.


Given you are depositing, trading and then withdrawing crypto, some of the questions you might have deal with security. Ex-Cap addresses this issue by implementing state-of-the-art security systems. It claims that most funds are kept in cold storage, which is still the best option to protect crypto from hacks.

These are further reinforced because Ex-Cap is an excellent regulated broker. Regulatory compliance is an advantage for the trader since trading brands have to meet specific requirements.

Conclusions for Ex-Cap

To sum up, Ex-Cap looks like a very promising brokerage, able to provide customers with all the tools they need. Registration is fast and simple, including the KYC part. Once that’s completed, you can proceed and deposit crypto using your personal wallet. The entire process seems optimized and that’s why we believe the company deserves to be labeled as reliable.

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