Ex-Hedge Fund Executive Raoul Pal Foresees A ‘Surprisingly Strong’ Bitcoin As Bank Loses Customer Trust

Amid a far-reaching economic crisis that is causing several major banking institutions to crumble and others to face potential risk, an ex-hedge fund executive, Raoul Pal, posits that this circumstance could further enhance the influence Bitcoin (BTC) and the overall cryptocurrency market possess.

An Opportunity To Exhibit Exceeding Robust Growth

He informed Anthony Pompliano in a recent discussion that the current situation presents an opportunity for BTC and the entire cryptocurrency market to exhibit exceeding robust growth. According to him, this growth pattern would be akin to the chart patterns seen in 2013 rather than in 2019, when the market faced a significant correction.

Pal, who retired at age 36, claimed that he entered the Bitcoin world in 2013 because he recognized the absence of trust in banking institutions after Lehman Brothers, an investment bank, collapsed. Pal stated that the realization of not owning your money in a bank and disregard from the Fed and Treasury pushed people to embrace a parallel finance system.

This realization led him to invest in BTC in 2013, and he has since been active in the market. According to the ex-hedge fund executive, Bitcoin’s instability has made individuals suspicious of its potential as a wealth conservation asset.

He acknowledged that “the duration is too little in people’s thoughts.” However, Pal believes that if one possesses Bitcoin for a long period, it performs exceedingly well, surpassing the balance sheet of the Fed and every other existing asset.

Pal predicts that the government would oppose the increasing adoption of Bitcoin and that many cryptocurrency firms may relocate to the UK if the US fails to comprehend that people have found an alternative solution.

Providing First-Rate Education On Business And Finance

In 2014, Grant Williams, Raoul Pal, Remi Tetot, and Daniel Horner founded Real Vision to provide first-rate business and finance education. Real Vision conducted extensive interviews with noteworthy individuals when few other financial media outlets did.

The interviews featured prominent figures such as private-fund executive Anthony Deden, construction mogul Jeff Greene, and top hedge fund executive Stanley Druckenmiller. Real Vision offered a unique product, giving the public a rare opportunity to listen to business and finance experts.

However, Grant Williams, who produced some of the remarkable interviews by Real Vision, departed in 2019. While the historical and educational content continued, the coverage of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency became increasingly prominent.

Hence, prominent crypto advocates like Mike Novogratz, Dan Morehead from Pantera Capital, and Dan Tapiero made more frequent appearances.

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