Exxon Mobil, Advanced Micro Devices, Colfax, and More Companies making Stock Price Movements

Exxon Mobil is expecting to observe rallies in its stock prices in the upcoming days. The analysts and market observers are predicting that the stock prices for Exxon Mobile may experience a surge after it shares its fourth-quarter profits/gains. In the fourth quarter of 2021, the company is expecting to share promising gains due to the surges in gas and oil prices.

According to Exxon Mobil, it has already submitted the performance report reflecting gains and profits for the particular quarter at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The company has announced that it will be making an announcement about the earnings reports on February 1, 2022.

Next in line is Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) that may experience a rise in its share prices in the upcoming days. The chipmaker has announced that it is in the process of taking over Xilinx, which is one of the largest rivals of AMD. AMD has announced that they are planning to spend $35 billion in the form of stocks to acquire Xilinx.

According to AMD, the deal may take place somewhere around the first quarter of 2022. For now, AMD is awaiting a response from their directors and is waiting for a unanimous decision surrounding the deal. Once they have approval from all the stakeholders and directors, they will proceed with the takeover. After the acquisition announcement, the share prices for Xilinx have recorded a 2.2% dip.

Colfax is also observing a dip in its share prices in the premarket trading, going down by 2.7%. In today’s market, the stock prices for the medical technology company have observed a 2.7% dip after it announced it was going to carry out a reverse stock split. The company has announced that for now, the first part is to get approval from all the shareholders to proceed with the plan.

MP Materials has also observed a 1.1% dip in the share prices in the premarket trading. MP Materials has announced that it would proceed with shelf offering, where it would allocate debut securities worth $2 billion.

Next on the list is Lexicon Pharmaceuticals that is experiencing a surge in its share prices in the premarket trading. The data shows that the stock prices for drug makers have grown all the way up to 6.5% in the past 24-hours. Lexicon Pharmaceuticals observed the rally right after it announced that it has submitted a new application at the FDA for a new drug.

The drug application is for sotagliflozin, which is a heart drug readied by scientists for the reduction of heart failure risks. The medicine has been made for diabetic patients who would be benefiting from the medicine.

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