Finexro Review: The Features of Finexro That Impress All Traders

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Finexro Review

Finexro Review: The Features of Finexro That Impress All Traders

When online trading was first introduced to the world, many traders were hesitant to try it out. Of course, when it was new the internet had not been as advanced so their skepticism was justified. But over time, the online financial market became the most trustworthy place of trade. Thousands of traders conduct their trading via online brokerage firms today.

It can be pretty daunting to pick out a single broker to trade with from the plethora of choices available to you. You have to make sure that you find one that has a good reputation in the industry, is beginner-friendly, offers various tradeable assets, amongst others. If you are someone who is completely new to this game, then you might be intimidated by it.

Don’t worry though, you can always refer to reviews of users who make recommendations. Following that example, I want to recommend the online brokerage firm Finexro to anyone who is having trouble finding the right trading firm. Now, I am not giving you a biased review of this firm. I understand the struggle new traders face and want to help make your journey as one start out less stressful. I have invested many hours trading with different firms, so when I say that this broker is a good choice, I say it after comparing it with many commendable brokers.

Impressive Features of Finexro That You Should Know About

·       Advanced Trading Platforms

The first thing I recommend new traders to look into is the trading platform that a broker offers. You can tell about the quality of the brokerage firm by the trading platform that they offer you. It can help you differentiate good brokers from bad ones. Yes! It is that much of an important feature. The trading platform of the firm is through which you will perform all trades. Every interaction that you have with the firm is through the trading platform, so it is essential that you choose a broker that provides a good one.

The trading platforms that Finexro offers you are considered to be among the best trading platforms. And yes, I mean platforms, as in plural, because Finexro provides you the option to choose from two amazing ones. The first one is a personal favorite, the MetaTrader4 which is one of the most preferred trading platforms because of all the amazing functions it comes with. The MetaTrader4 is used by over 300 brokerage firms worldwide which may tell you a little about how in-demand this software is. I strongly suggest you look into the benefits of the MetaTrader4 to fully understand the value of this platform.

The other platform that Finexro provides you is SIRIX. This is also a highly sought-after trading platform that offers one-click execution of orders and fast processing. It is well-known for its user-friendly interface that is easy to get used to and operate.

Both of these trading platforms are loaded with advanced trading tools and features that help increase your chances of returns on investments. Moreover, they are available to use on any device, so you don’t have to fret about purchasing a new device. These traders are available for download on your desktops, laptops, and Mac computers. Furthermore, you can also download applications of these trading platforms on your Android and iOS devices to trade comfortably on-the-go.

·       Multiple Account Options

This is a common feature that you will notice in brokerage firms. The trading firms design specific accounts to meet the needs of different traders. The features of these accounts vary depending on the tier level. For instance, the facilities available for the basic account will be less than those for the professional account. Finexro also offers you various account options to choose from. I was really impressed by the features available for them because even the basic account offers more than the usual features to traders. So, you can trade enjoying a variety of advanced features that you will not find with other brokers.

1.    Bronze Account

This is the most basic account that you can open with this brokerage firm. I recommend that new traders should register with this account after practicing with a trading account. You can register with this account by depositing an initial sum of 5,000 Euros. However, the one thing that people fail to understand is that you don’t have to deposit this full amount to start trading. You can deposit just 200 Euros to start trading. However, access to the full features of this account will not be unlocked till you pay the full amount.

2.    Silver Account

This 2nd tier account has a minimum deposit of 10,000 Euros and is suitable for traders who have gathered a bit of experience in trading. You have access to many more features with this account such as full-time online customer service, private sessions with the trading academy, relationship manager, etc.

3.    Gold Account

Gold account is for those who are ready to trade with more serious capital. This account is the game-changer and you will notice many advanced services with it. You get complete access to premium trade signals, commission discounts, event room invites, live chats with experts, amongst others. You need to deposit an amount of 50,000 Euros to register with this account and unlock the special features that come with it. You can rely on a permanent relationship manager to help you with decisions as well as enjoy 1:200 leverage and 0.1 pip spreads.

4.    Platinum Account

You should slowly make your way up the account tiers because you may have noticed the trend of the increasing deposit amount. So, while I am aware that the deposit fee for the platinum account is very high at 100,000 Euros, I will not deny the unbelievable benefits that accompany the price. Some of these benefits include a discount on commissions for up to 25%, 8 one-on-one trading academy sessions and 4 trading sessions every month, etc. You get VIP-like treatment and facilities with this account all-the-while it not being the most expensive account that Finexro has to offer.  

5.    Premium Account

The premium account offers you the VIP treatment and services that Finexro has. With this account, you have every possible feature at your fingertips. Expect all the features of the previous accounts with unlimited sessions. Furthermore, you get a discount 50% discount on all commissions when you register with this account. At 250,000 Euros for registration, Finexro surely rewards you with the features and services that come with the premium account.

For more exclusive services, you should check out the VIP program that this broker offers.

·       CFD Trading

If you are a new trader, you should be well-aware of how careful you need to be when using your capital for trades. This could be a little frustrating because with limited capital you can only invest in one or two assets at a time. You also need to be aware of when the market value will be at its best point for investing. CFD trading saves you from all this trouble and also enables you to invest in multiple assets at a time. CFD stands for Contract for Difference which is how you don’t use your capital with investments.

Let me explain how CFDs work in simple words. Instead of using your money to purchase assets, you sign a contract with a broker for the asset. This allows you to invest in an asset without actually having ownership of it. Moreover, since you just sign a contract with the broker, you don’t have to use your money for the investments. When the contract expires, you will receive the appropriate profits that the asset earned. However, you should be careful while using CFDs because the financial market is extremely volatile. So, while it may be a great way to reach your financial goals with limited capital, it can also bring you losses that could be hard to overcome.

Finexro offers you the feature of CFD trading which I think is one of the best ways of trading if you understand the risks associated with it. The brokerage firm allows you to use CFDs with forex, commodities, stocks, indices, and cryptocurrency. So, you can use the CFD trading feature with all of the trade instruments that Finexro supports.

·       Multi-lingual Support Team

The customer support services also play a huge role in determining the reliability of a brokerage firm. The broker can offer you many advanced tools and features, but if its customer support team is unresponsive, it will not be popular among many traders. It is essential to receive help and guidelines as a customer of a new broker for any problems that you may have. Especially as a new trader, there are many aspects of the trading platform that you will not be able to figure out by yourself. Or you may have queries about other things related to the system. In this case, you need surety that the customer service team will be able to overcome the issue.

I have noticed that a lot of online trading firms do not have a quick-response time nor are they available for most hours of the day. They even make their availability scarce on the weekend. So, it is not easy for traders in different time zones to get in touch with them. Since the brokerage firms are used across many countries worldwide, the traders will need to communicate in a language they are comfortable in, which is not a condition that many take into account.

What I really liked about Finexro is the quality of the customer support service they provide. I was impressed to note that the team can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, traders in different time zones can easily get in touch with them and receive a response timely. Moreover, the trading company has hired a multi-lingual staff. So, people who are not comfortable with using English can also communicate their problems and gets the solutions in a language that is easy for them. The support staff can be contacted in numerous ways such as through email, phone calls, and the direct message feature on the website.

·       A Secure Platform in all Aspects

You need a secure environment to trade comfortably with a peaceful mind. It is important to ensure that the broker provides sufficient security measures to protect your money as well as all the confidential information that you give it. A secure broker is one that is fully regulated and uses advanced security systems and encryption software to protect your data. You should steer clear of any online brokerage firms that are not regulated and authorized by at least one regulatory agency. One tip to avoid these is to check if they are offering dream-like packages and offers to the customers. The other way is to read their terms and conditions section carefully as it specifies the agency under with the firm is regulated.

Finexro is an extremely safe trading firm that checks all the boxes. It is a completely regulated broker so you have a third-party viewing all of its actions and handling of money. It is also compliant with the mandatory KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies which help prevent misuse of your data and funds. The various proof of identity such as housing address, copies of government-issued identity cards, etc. that you need to provide is because the policies require them. Furthermore, to keep your funds safe from the broker in case, it intends to use it for personal investments, all of your money is kept in segregated accounts.

This trading firm also uses advanced security software and measures that keep your information safe. In addition, if a hacker does access the firewall of the company’s software, he/she will not be able to use your information as it will be heavily encrypted. The secure environment of Finexro is what makes it such an appealing choice for a lot of traders.

Final Thoughts

So, what’s your verdict? Are you also impressed by the features of Finexro?  This broker can help you start your journey as an online trader in the best conditions. While trading with this brokerage firm, I found that it provides a lot of features that not provide a comfortable trading environment but also makes it easier to make smart decisions.

I highly recommend you look into Finexro carefully before moving on to other brokers. You can see if you want to register with this trading firm by running a trial with the demo account.

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