Funds Recovery Scams – Full (Updated) List

Funds Recovery Scams

While the internet has many benefits which we are enjoying from the day of its inception, there are also many disadvantages. With the ever-increasing usage of internet users, the number of victims of scam are on the horizon and widespread. According to various surveys conducted very recently, it has been found that a large number of internet users have been victims of scams and there is hardly anyone who has not encountered any such scams. The losses caused due to these scams ranges from meager amounts to huge sums of money.

Scammers have no origin

The reason why these scam artists are so successful in their nefarious designs is that most of them operate online through internet. The internet provides them the necessary shield to protect their real identity. In most of the cases it has been found out that the scammers were operating from a country other than that in which the victim of scam resides and usually use made up names and aliases.

Types of Scams

The most common types of scams which are known to a large number of internet users are advance fee fraud, lottery scams, dating websites scams, online shopping and trading scams, overseas job and employment scams, debit and credit card scams, medical and charity scams, tech support scams, getting your money back scams etc. There is a probability that anyone of us may have encounter many or even one such type of scam at any point in time.

Most heinous scam

But no scams is graver and heinous than the funds recovery scam. The reason being that in funds recovery scam the victim of a scam is victimized once more in most degrading and inhumane manner. The perpetrators may promise you the return of your looted money or undelivered goods against an advance payment of a fee which they ask you to pay for them to provide their so-called services for returning the money to its actual owner. It may be pertinent to bring to notice of general public that as per law and normal practice no one can ask for an advance fee in the case of recovery of funds. As a matter of fact once the looted amount or undelivered goods are returned to its actual owner, the payment against services is to be paid within seven working days from the date of return.

Concept of “sucker list”

It has been witnessed in majority of scam incidents that the victim does not realize in the first place that he has been scammed or that he realizes the scam after passage of a considerable time. However, unknowingly the name of the victim may appear in the sucker list which contains the data of the victim such as his or her name, address, contact details as well as the amount which has been stolen from the victim. These remorseless scammers work in a very systematic manner and after successful scamming an innocent people then sell and buy sucker list to commit yet another scam on the helpless victim. Thereafter, with the help of the data contained in the sucker list, they try to approach the victim and since the victim is so desperate for the return of his looted money, he easily fell for the trap and has been deceived for one more time.

Funds Recovery Scammers List

  • – Asset Global Recovery – This website is a scam,be aware that they will tell you they can help you get money back from brokers or online scammers, but they will only take your money and not hep you with anything!
  • – Action Refund – This website is run by scammers, it is an asset recovery boiler room that seeks only to defraud you out of your hard earned money, with fake promises of helping you.
  • – Funds Back – This operation is run by scammers that only want your money, they will not help you in any way.

We will continue to update our list