Genesis Exchange Review, – Is GenesisExchange Scam Or A Recommended Trading Platform?

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Genesis Exchange Review

Genesis Exchange logoWhen you’re an experienced trader, it’s important that you’re able to come up with more complex trading strategies. For that, you need the support of a platform that helps you achieve your investment goals. In this Genesis Exchange review, I’ll go over some of the best features that you can use.

While beginners need more guidance to understand the basics, experts require a platform that makes their trading process much more efficient. Unfortunately, few platforms meet this requirement – most of them only offer brokerage services.

One of the few exceptions to this norm is Genesis Exchange broker, which has garnered immense traction from traders. When I learned about its features, I decided to sign up and test its capabilities to see if it’s suitable for experts.

Choose From Multiple Trading Accounts

As soon as I landed on the website, I noted that the Genesis Exchange trading platform offers multiple trading account options. These range from basic accounts that are designed for beginners, to gold-tier accounts and above, which are preferred by trading experts.

I preferred to get a high-tier account so I could see what it offers expert traders who make the investment in a more exclusive account.

The biggest difference between the low-level and high-level accounts was the deposit. Basic accounts require a very small deposit, making them easier to access by beginners. Meanwhile, high-level accounts require you to put down a bigger deposit, which, in my opinion, is definitely worth it when you consider the perks.

Genesis Exchange trading platform

Access Higher Leverages and Lower Spreads

One of the most prominent benefits of leveling up your trading account is that you get access to higher leverages and lower spreads. If you’ve ever felt frustrated because of how a broker’s commission ate into your profits, you’ll like how GenesisExchange broker charges tight spreads.

A spread is the difference between the buying and selling price of a trading pair, and traders with a high-level account can benefit from tighter spreads.

Then, there’s also the concept of leverages, which allow you to take up a bigger position for a specific trading pair. The difference is that you don’t need to put forward the deposit up front and can borrow from the platform instead. Leverages can amplify the outcomes of your trade, but it can go both ways, so it’s important to use them responsibly.

I preferred to start out small with minimal leverage. Once I felt more confident in my strategies, I started increasing the amount of leverage I took.

View Exclusive Technical Analyses

Technical analysis are an objective way to determine whether or not the current market conditions can provide you with a suitable trading opportunity.

While it’s great to know how you can conduct a technical analysis, not every trading expert has the time to do so. Hence, the GenesisExchange trading platform gives you access to exclusive technical analyses.

These are only available to users with a high-tier account, which means that only a select few know about the presence and availability of a specific trading opportunity. So, whenever you’re in need for some inspiration, you can have a look at these analyses to understand where to look – even when it’s a different asset class such as stocks or crypto trading.

Get Alerts For Lucrative Trades

Expert traders have an extensive portfolio that they need to manage, so it’s not easy for them to stay online 24/7. Luckily, that’s where GenesisExchange broker provides users with automated market signals that you can set up on your account. You can activate them and change certain metrics so they’ll be able to spot when the market is in favorable condition.

The added advantage of this is how you don’t need to be active 24/7. Instead, you can simply set up the trade signals and get notified of good trades. As a result, you don’t waste any time and don’t let a potentially profitable trading opportunity get away.

Is Genesis Exchange Scam or Legit?

Genesis Exchange legitimacy

While exploring the various capabilities of the platform for the GenesisExchange review, here’s what I noted. The most important of these is how it complies with Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering policies to create a safe trading environment.

It also keeps user data from being intercepted and exploited by encrypting sensitive data – a highly effective cybersecurity measure. Considering these factors, I’m certain that the platform is completely legitimate.

Bottom Line

To sum up everything I’ve talked about in the review so far, I’ll give a short recap. It’s an advanced platform that’s designed to give experts an efficient trading experience. You can choose between several trading account types to access one that meets your specific trading needs.

By upgrading your trading account, you’ll be able to access a multitude of perks and benefits. These include higher leverages, lower spreads, and exclusive analyses. You can even get alerts for good trading opportunities, which is one of the main reasons I’d recommend the trading platform.

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