Hoskinson Against The Media Portraying Sam As A Good Guy

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, has joined a rising bandwagon who are worried about Sam Fried receiving good media coverage despite accusations of wrongdoing in the cryptocurrency sector. Hoskinson’s critique comes amid a flurry of debate over how the media covered SBF and the publication of Michael Lewis’s new book on the co-founder of FTX.

Hoskinson, on his X handle, expressed dissatisfaction with how several popular media platforms have represented Sam Fried, alleging that they have given him a pass and painted him as a “good guy.” Hoskinson cited The New York Times as an example and the biased way they tell Sam Fried’s story.

Hoskinson contends that the acts of Sam and the potential repercussions of his business methods have yet to be sufficiently examined by the New York Times and other media outlets. He thinks that by treating Sam Fried favorably, the public is being misled and that the value of moral conduct in the cryptocurrency sector may be minimized.

Michael Lewis’ Book Sparks Debate About Sam, John Deaton Outburst

The publication of Michael Lewis’ latest book, which explores the life and career of SBF, has fueled the debate around the co-founder of FTX. Hoskinson calls the book a “dumpster fire” and claims it lacks a fair and critical analysis of SBF’s actions and their effects on the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It is observed that the sentiment Mr. Hoskinson had expressed about Sam rhymes with what the cryptocurrency industry has been discussing for a while.

John Deaton, a popular pro-XRP attorney, has boldly come out to scold Sam Fried and his sympathizers, saying that “anyone seen publicly supporting Sam, or trying to paint him in the light of a good man with a bad sense of judgment must not be trusted with leadership or any significant financial responsibility.”

Deaton’s criticisms are coming after Michael Lewis, in his new book, explained Sam Fried as a man with good intentions who could not handle the fast-rising success of FTX. The book also explained Sam Fried’s character, with some insight contrary to what both the defense and the prosecution will not present in the ongoing trial. In his book, Lewis described Sam Fried as a young man who is grossly misunderstood and unknown to people outside his circle.

Sam Fried’s Trial Affects The Price Of BTC; Traders Remain Skeptical

The SBF scandal affects the larger Bitcoin ecosystem in addition to media coverage. Several insiders in the sector have voiced concerns regarding the possible repercussions of SBF’s business practices, including claims of market manipulation and unfair competition. Charles Hoskinson’s critique of how the media portrayed Sam Fried mirrors bigger issues with ethics and responsibility in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Expert analysis by John Kiguru on the EthNews platform, says that the  activities and conduct of the industry’s leaders will come under more scrutiny overtime. John also cautions that ethical media has the responsibility of giving the public a complete and accurate knowledge of the problems without bias.

According to data from CoinMarketCap, the latest market activity says that the price of BTC has been performing a downward trend since Sam Fried’s trial began, declining by 0.35%. The price of BTC currently sells for $27,397.12 and has recorded a 24-hour trading volume of $10,594,318,851. And with a current market capitalization of $534,506,972,472, Bitcoin has remained #1 on the CoinMarketCap ranking.

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