How to Buy Decentraland (MANA): Best Platforms to Use

Decentraland is a virtual social world where participants can play games and engage in other fun activities.

The ecosystem’s native token, MANA is used to power the ecosystem and can be used to pay for fees and pay for items within the ecosystem.

Over the years, MANA has become a much sought after token because of the tremendous growth that Decentraland has experienced. The price of the token has also soared as a result of its popularity, making it attractive to investors.

If you’re someone who’s interested in the metaverse and gaming, you need to have tokens like MANA in your portfolio.

Apart from the fun you can use the tokens to achieve, they hold potential returns for those who hold them. Below is a list of exchanges where you can buy them.


Binance is a popular platform for buying and trading crypto assets. This is why it has the highest trading volume for many years. You can also use it to buy MANA in a few clicks and hold the tokens online or transfer to your personal wallet.

The design makes it easy for anyone to use, and also ensures that your details and funds are secured at all times. The Binance proof of reserves is proof that the exchange has your funds secured. 

Also, the exchange provides various methods by which you can deposit funds or buy MANA directly, depending on which option is most convenient for you. What’s more? Binance is known to charge low fees, which makes it a popular choice for those looking to cut down on fees. 


Kraken is a top exchange in the U.S, but also a global crypto trading platform. If you’re in the U.S and not allowed access to Binance, this is a great alternative to use. It is a highly secure platform with no history of security breach even though it’s one of the oldest exchanges.

It also allows you to buy MANA using many different options that are convenient to you. Like Binance, Kraken charges low fees to ensure that everyone is able to use it. Although it has features that are ideal for advanced traders, it is also easily usable by beginners.

Kraken also offers users the choice of staking their MANA to earn up to 25% APY on their tokens, which you can consider.


Coinbase is another crypto giant with an excellent reputation, being the first exchange to go public in the crypto space. This is another viable option for those in the U.S, especially beginners with little or no crypto knowledge.

Its simple design makes it ideal for those who don’t have much experience, since they can easily navigate it to both buy and trade assets. Coinbase also provides various options for buying MANA under high security.

However, the fees on this platform are usually higher than most. If this is not a problem to you, it can be a perfect option to consider when buying MANA.


KuCoin is a leading crypto exchange with a global user base. It supports over 700 crypto assets including MANA. you can buy the token and start trading it against other assets right away. This platform has a great reputation when it comes to security.

It is also known for charging low fees, making it the ideal place for both retail and corporate investors. Also, KuCoin offers users different incentives, including low fees if you hold KCS, the exchange’s token.


Last on the list but by no means the least is Bybit, a top crypto derivatives trading platform. The name sounds intimidating, but it is a platform for everyone. With close to 1,000 crypto assets supported, this exchange definitely has a lot to offer altcoin investors.

Specifically, you can buy MANA using credit or debit cards, which is a method ideal even for beginners. You’ll also enjoy low fees on this exchange which is known to lower the bar for all users.

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