How to Buy Ethereum Classic (ETC): The Best Exchanges to Use in 2024

How to Buy Ethereum Classic (ETC): The Best Exchanges to Use in 2024

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is a cryptocurrency forked from Ethereum. The project has been running on its own since 2016.

Although it is also a smart contract platform like Ethereum, it is quite different from Ethereum in that it retains its Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism that requires miners to secure the network by mining transaction blocks and are rewarded with new ETC.

Just like ETH on Ethereum, ETC is used to pay for transaction fees on the Ethereum Classic network as gas. This means you can’t use the network without holding some ETC to pay for transaction fees.

This makes ETC an indispensable token on the network and as the network grows and more demand is placed on the token, its value is bound to increase. 

Therefore even though you may not need it to pay fees on the network, you can buy it and hold it as a long term investment, and here are the best crypto exchanges you can use to do that.


Binance is a popular platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, including ETC. It is currently the top choice among traders for buying this token. The most popular method is to swap USDT and BTC for ETC.

You can also use your debit or credit card to buy the token directly on the platform which is completed nearly instantly. The exchange has over 350 other cryptocurrencies listed, so you can always swap the assets as you wish.

Regardless of your level of experience with crypto, you can use Binance easily because of its simple design, both on the website and on the app. The fees are also very low, so you can buy ETC even with very little amount.


Coinbase has a reputation as one of the most trusted crypto exchanges in the world. With its headquarters in the U.S, it is the most popular exchange in the country and one of the best worldwide.

When it comes to buying ETC, the exchange also has a good reputation, as it is the second highest in volume for this. The most popular method for buying ETC on the exchange is by using USD which is a fiat currency. 

You can also use EUR and GBP to buy, as well as simply swap BTC for the token. There are over 260 supported crypto assets, therefore there could be more cryptocurrencies you can swap for ETC as well.


Bybit allows you to buy ETC easily by swapping your USDT for the token. It is an advanced crypto trading platform designed for pro traders but can also be used by anyone to simply buy ETC. 

Apart from this method, you can also buy ETC using your debit or credit cards to get the token instantly. This method may cost a little more but it is a fast way to buy with fiat currencies. There are over 1,000 supported assets on Bybit that you can swap eventually.

One good thing about Bybit is that fees are generally low compared to other platforms like Coinbase. 


OKX is a top choice also when it comes to buying ETC. The most popular way to buy on it is to swap USDT, USDC, and other assets for the token. Another option is to buy with a debit or credit card instantly on the exchange.

OKX has a simple user interface that anyone can use to buy ETC. It also supports over 350 crypto assets you can swap and trade.


Kraken lets you buy ETC using USD deposited on the exchange. It also allows the swapping of assets such as BTC, ETH, and others for the token. With over 350 supported assets, the possibilities are endless.

You’ll also enjoy low fees for both buying and trading of these crypto assets whenever you want on the user-friendly Kraken platform.

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