A Closer Look at IFEXCapital: Is It a Trustworthy Broker and a Good Partner?

A Closer Look at IFEXCapital: Is It a Trustworthy Broker and a Good Partner?
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Read our IFEXCapital review at Forex Trader Secrets blog and get all the relevant info about IFEXCapital before you sign up with the broker.
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IFEXCapital Review

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IFEXCapital touts itself as a modern and forward-thinking broker that promises to keep traders up-to-date on the latest market changes and possibilities. Their website depicts a responsive, always-on platform that supports a diverse range of asset classes, including forex, energy, stocks, cryptocurrencies, indexes, and metals.

When assessing financial services organisations like IFEXCapital, we attempt to give our readers the most value by taking a balanced approach that acknowledges both its strengths and areas for improvement.

Let’s see what this brokerage platform has to offer.

IFEXCapital specialises in providing clients with exposure to price changes in a wide range of assets via Contracts for Difference (CFDs).

The organisation also takes pride in offering traders timely market knowledge and instructional tools. The MatchTrader platform is emphasised as a great tool for traders looking to improve their abilities and confidence.

Traders are given the ability to adjust their tactics to their tastes, resulting in a more personalised trading experience via intuitive interfaces and customisable features.

IFEXCapital claims compliance with EU standards, intending to provide traders with peace of mind about the safety of their assets, as the security of customer data and transactions is critical for any brokerage platform.

IFEX Capital Homepage

The Markets
IFEXCapital offers access to the most popular marketplaces.

Forex: IFEXCapital offers a comprehensive variety of over 45 currency pairings, including major, minor, and exotic alternatives, that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Professional traders can leverage up to 1:500, which improves their capital efficiency. The software provides real-time analytics to help traders make informed judgements.

Crypto: IFEXCapital provides traders with over 30 CFDs on popular cryptocurrency assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple, which are available for trading around the clock. The platform reduces obstacles to entry into the cryptocurrency industry by offering zero commissions and fast deposits.

Metals: IFEXCapital offers traders access to precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum, among other commodities. Trading metals provides diversification and protection against market volatility.

Stocks: Traders can trade CFDs on a wide choice of equities from prominent companies like Nike, Microsoft, and Google. Speculating on individual stock movements allows traders to benefit from the expertise of established market participants.

Commodities: IFEXCapital allows traders to trade a variety of commodities, including oil, sugar, and cocoa, with spreads starting at 0.025 and free deposits. The platform provides the tools and support required for successful commodity trading.

Traders can use CFDs to trade on benchmark indexes such as the FTSE100, NASDAQ, and Nikkei 225, allowing them to diversify their portfolios and capitalise on market trends without directly owning the assets.

Trading Accounts

The Trading Accounts page gives useful information about what IFEXCapital has to offer different types of traders. The Professional account is highlighted as a tier for experienced traders who meet specific eligibility requirements.

Recognising the diversity of traders, IFEXCapital provides a variety of account types customised to individual trading aims and interests. From Silver to Platinum, each account is said to come with spreads and leverage options tailored to traders’ talents, investment sizes, and experience levels:

Silver Account: Designed for novice traders, it offers competitive spreads, no deposit limits, access to various assets, and stable support, making it ideal for those starting their investment journey cautiously.

Gold Account: Aimed at traders seeking enhanced flexibility, it provides tighter spreads, attentive support, and faster execution speed, allowing traders to explore opportunities more efficiently.

Platinum Account: Geared towards advanced traders, it offers advanced features such as lower spreads, zero commission, swap discounts, exclusive perks like news alerts and free VPS, hedging capabilities, and multiple execution models, catering to traders with refined strategies and extensive experience.

VIP Account: Designed for elite traders with sophisticated strategies and a proven track record, it offers all the benefits of the Platinum account with round-the-clock support, providing a luxurious trading experience.

Islamic Trading Account: Compliant with Shariah law, it offers competitive spreads, leverage without interest or swap charges, and immediate access to trading platforms. With dedicated support and transparent costs, it provides a trading environment aligned with religious and cultural beliefs.

The Professional account has tighter spreads and more leverage. These are significant advantages for active, high-volume traders who can capitalise on them. The necessity to demonstrate a specific level of trading experience, volume, and financial resources is consistent with industry standards for providing improved trading conditions.

The Platforms


IFEXCapital’s WebTrader makes trading easier with its simple setup and extensive functionality. Here’s why traders might choose IFEXCapital’s WebTrader:

1. Instant Access to 300+ Assets: Traders can diversify their portfolio with a wide range of assets available on the platform.

2. Cross-Platform Trading: Synchronised accounts enable seamless trading across multiple devices.

3. Analytical Tools: Over 30 analytical tools empower traders to make informed decisions.

4. User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy a clutter-free experience with no extra downloads, ensuring smooth and efficient trading.

5. 1-Click Trading: Quick bids are made possible with the 1-click trading option, seizing market opportunities swiftly.

IFEXCapital Trading Experience

Mobile App:

IFEXCapital’s mobile app is tailored for traders on the move, providing access to markets anytime, anywhere. Here’s what sets it apart:

1. 24/7 Access: Stay connected to the markets round the clock, never missing out on trading opportunities.

2. Synced Accounts: Seamlessly manage accounts and execute trades across devices, offering flexibility in trading activities.

3. Efficiency: Integrate trading into daily routines effortlessly, ensuring uninterrupted access to markets.

4. Comprehensive Platform: Access a wealth of resources, financial tools, market newsletters, and daily reports, all within the app.

The app is available for free download on both the Apple Store and Google Play, making it accessible to all traders.

The company’s partnership programme stands out.

IFEXCapital seeks mutually beneficial relationships that promote excellence in commercial initiatives.

Promotions and Rewards

IFEXCapital partners will benefit from substantial rewards, including promotions of up to $800 per trader. Their methodology ensures that both partners and clients benefit from their trading experiences. Partners are eligible for professional material packages.

Conversion and Rebate Plans

Partners are invited to personalise their experience by choosing from a variety of conversion and rebate schemes that correspond to their business objectives. They can choose a direct go-and-get plan, which provides potential revenues of up to $800 per trader through promotions. Alternatively, partners can earn $50 for every $1 million exchanged by their referrals through the rebate programme. For partners committed to maximising returns, a valued partner plan provides tailored solutions aimed at delivering high performance.

On-Time Payments for Peace of Mind

Recognising the value of partners, IFEXCapital prioritises timely and accurate payments. The online payment tracking system guarantees transparency and accuracy, enabling partners to concentrate on advancing their businesses without worrying about financial matters.

Ready-Made Marketing Packages

IFEXCapital partners gain access to a team of marketing experts who have crafted and tested marketing packages known for their efficiency and quality. These top-notch marketing materials are suitable for promoting IFEXCapital across various platforms.


In essence, Ifexcapital advertises itself as a respectable brokerage platform that provides traders and potential partners with a comprehensive range of services. While there may be areas for improvement, its dedication to offering educational resources, tailored experiences, and security is commendable.

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