Inter Milan Steps into Crypto-verse By Securing Partnership Deal Involving Hundred Million with Zytara Labs

Inter Milan, a national level soccer champion team in Italy, has become part of the crypto universe as it has established partnership with Zytara Labs, which is a blockchain company. The partnership has been entered into for launching of a mobile app dedicated to the team from where the shoppers and fans of Inter Milan will buy goods, merchandize and matches’ tickets online.

In addition the app will allow crypto access to the users and the team, on the other hand, will keep throwing in digital collectibles like NFTs in the app for purchase by the fans and shoppers. A mutual cooperation arrangement has been entered into between a blockchain company namely Zytara Labs and FC Internazionale Milano.

FC Internazionale Milano, which is also known as Inter Milan, is the current reigning national level champion soccer team of Italy. Soccer is the most famous game of sport in entire Europe as well as in the world.

Even if there is a national team or a club related team, it has fan following across the world. Fans like their favorite players to play in the games and also want to follow them in their future activities.

Similarly, Inter Milan is currently the most popular team in Italy because it is a national level champion team. It has fan following within and outside Italy and fans anxiously anticipate to see the team in action soon.

However, very recently, crypto has entered into the soccer playing field and many soccer teams of all levels have accepted cryptocurrencies. The last being the MC Milan, which signed a deal with a crypto firm for displaying the logo of a particular cryptocurrency on their clothing.

Now the crypto trend has moved further into the roots of soccer. It has been announced by Inter Milan that the team has now established a partnership with a blockchain firm called the “Zytara Labs”. The announcement was also reiterated and re-affirmed by Zyatara Labs as well.

Zyatara told the press that Inter Milan felt the need to develop a mobile app with the access to virtual products. The agreement has been executed for 5 years initially. Inter Milan came to believe that it is time to facilitate its fans who are more inclined towards digital currencies. It noticed that the fans are from every age group who are interested in crypto as well.

So why not keep them engaged with cryptocurrencies while at the same time ensuring that merchandize and other goods are sold. For instance, the team is of the view that crypto payments would encourage digital loving customers to the website.

Under the agreement, Zytara now has exclusive rights for representing Inter Plan as its digital banking partner globally. There will be an official crypto as well for the team which will be called as “digitalbits” or in short “XDB”.

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