Many Vehicles Manufactured by Honda May have a Steering Problem

As per the latest reports, Honda may end up facing a huge loss from the American vehicles market. There are reports that more than 1,000,000 vehicles manufactured by Honda may have a functioning problem. The reports suggest that the model currently being investigated by the Federal safety regulators is the Honda Accord.

The regulator has stated that there might be a problem with the steering of the new Honda Accords. Due to this, the vehicles may end up malfunctioning, steer the cars too much, and cause problems for the drivers on the road.

The regulators have stated that due to this problem in the cars huge problems can arise on the roads. The cars may steer too much or automatically, ending up in other lanes, and if the vehicles are there already, then end up colliding.

Therefore, the safety regulatory authority had to take fast action on the matter and ensure none of the vehicles with this fault ends up on the roads.

The team currently investigating the matter is the Safety Administration of the National Highway Traffic. The team revealed that the Honda Accords they are currently carrying out inspections on are from the years between 2013 and 2015.

The Safety Administration also confirmed what lead to them looking into the matter and then started an all-out investigation into the matter. The administration revealed that they received 107 incident reports around steering problems with the same vehicles.

The NHTSA has also reported that out of the total cases, there were two cases where accidents/crashes were reported. Fortunately, in both cases, no deaths or major fatal injuries were reported. The administration stated that they are currently trying to find the underlying cause of the problem and find out what is going on.

They also have the quality teams as well as the concerned teams from Honda involved in the investigation. Parties from both sides are involved in the investigation and find out if the problem is with all vehicles from the particular period.

The administration has stated that as of now, it is just an investigation. They are currently looking into the matter and not jumping to any conclusions. They have not yet decided to recall all the vehicles from the particular period so nothing can be said now.

The executives from Honda have clarified their position on the matter. According to Honda, they are very serious about the quality of their vehicles and take such incidents/matters very seriously. Therefore, they will be offering full support to the NHTSA in order to find the problems and fix them for good.

Although the crowds in the United States now prefer SUVs over sedans, still, the Honda Accords are in very high demand in the country. If the problem does end up showing up, then Honda may have to recall around 1.1 million vehicles from the American roads.

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