MMA Hosting NFTs Sale Series with Collaboration of

Globally popular lethal sport’s top organization, MMA, announces sales of NFTs comprising digital art work that has taken place on several fight nights which include pictures-short videos of championship belts, fight challenge posters and profiles of some of the great past and present MMA fighters.

The job of ensuring that the collectibles are smoothly contained in an NFT and later sold at an estimated price has been taken up by world’s emerging and one of the leading crypto platforms namely

Finally the moment has come as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has announced launching of its official Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). There were millions of fans who had been earlier requesting MMA to launch a series of NFTs sales. The fans were hugely interested in engaging with their favorite MMA fighters virtually and personalize some of their belongings.

There have been many MMA fighters in the past and in present who have taken the organization to a whole new level. For instance, the recently retired undisputed champion was from Russia namely Khabib Nurmagomedov. He defended his championship title since 2018 till the day he announced his retirement after winning a fight in March 2021.

Khabib was a role model for everyone. He was loved by colleague fighters and fans around the world for remaining undefeated. However, his sudden retirement, which came soon after the death of his father, left millions of his die-hard fans in shock and dismay. But his fans wanted personalize some of the things associated with Khabib.

Now that chance has been provided as MMA is finally going to launch a series of NFT sales. Some of the NFTs include items specifically belonging to the undisputed retired champion of MMA, Khabib Nurmagomedov. Apart from that, MMA’s official NFTs would also include artworks that was part of particular fight nights.

In addition, they are going to showcase fight challenge posters as well as glimpses of champions and their title belts. It was also informed that the NFTs would comprise of 3d images and short videos of the art collectibles.

Meanwhile, the world’s emerging and leading crypto trading platform,, has been taken on board as MMA’s digital partner. has taken up the job of developing the NFTs through outsourcing and then selling the same through its NFT selling platform/marketplace.

Dina White, who is the President of an organization called Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is pretty optimistic about MMA’s official NFTs sales. He said that there is no better way than NFT for a fan to personalize precious moments of their favorite fighters. In addition, through NFTs they can wield proprietary rights over the collectibles they would be purchasing in NFTs.

Now both UFC as well as MMA are the official digital partners of People are expecting the partnership to be epic in bringing closer the lethal sport and the dynamic digital industry.

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