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OffersFX Review

I have seen many online brokers and tried the services of some. I have been a part of the online trading industry for no less than 5 years now. This time has taught me a lot about online brokers and what I can expect from them. Not just me, I can tell you what you should expect from online brokers and what you shouldn’t. Based on the knowledge that I have gathered during these years, I can tell you that OffersFX is a great broker. I am not calling it the best because that could be a subjective choice. However, I can tell you for sure that this broker is one of the top ones.

Today, I will only talk about some of the features that I think make this broker stand out from the rest. So, here we go., OffersFX
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OffersFX – The Features That Stand Out

·         The Regulation

Yes, I know that it is not a feature per se, but it is something that I cannot live without mentioning. I urge you to make sure that the broker you are signing up with is properly regulated. You have to find this information on the website of the broker when you land on the website. Unless you are sure about the regulation of the broker, I recommend that you don’t even think about signing up with it. I can tell you that OffersFX will give you the peace of mind that you demand as a trader. The broker is properly regulated by CySEC and also has the KYC and AML policies in place.

This ensures that you are on a trading platform that does not give way to any money launderers and identity thieves. The broker has made sure that its trading platform is only for legitimate traders for legitimate trading.

·         Segregated Funds and Protected Info

What you have read about regulation is not the only thing that will make you feel comfortable while trading with this broker. It has all the ingredients in place that prove to be the comfort for the mind of a new trader. So, when you sign up with this broker, you will realize that it has SSL certificates in place as well. These certificates tell you that the website of the broker is safe for you. You can provide all your details to the broker without any worries because every bit of data that you enter on the website is encrypted by the broker through the latest encrypting standards.

In addition to that, the broker is also following the guidelines of the industry by putting your money in segregated funds. Every penny that you deposit with this broker will go in separate accounts for your peace of mind.

·         Many Deposit Methods

I love how the broker has made so many things so easy for you. When it comes to funding your account, the broker will provide you with all the safe options that are there for depositing funds in your account. You can see that from the list of options that are available to you. You have the conventional credit card and bank wire transfer options. The credit card option is there for you to deposit money in an instant. Furthermore, you have the bank wire transfer option for you to deposit funds slowly yet very safely.

What I have loved the most about this broker is that it does not charge you any extra money for these services. Yes, you can deposit money in your account without incurring any charges or fees. You can use the method of your choice without worrying about services. Furthermore, you will withdraw money from your account without any issues and charges.

·         Proper Video-Based Education

This is something that I thank this broker for every single day. You have many online brokers that provide you with trading education in the form of videos and ebooks. Now, if you look at their training content, you will notice that they are not really providing you with much in terms of video based education. Most of their training education is based on ebooks that teach you nothing special. On the other hand, this broker has a complete training course based on videos. Whether you want to learn the latest and most advanced training strategies or just get a fresher on what trading is all about, you will find it all in the educational material.

·         Web Based Trading Platform

You can face a lot of issues while trading when it comes to web based trading platform. If you are not on the right trading platform, you will suffer greatly in the hands of slow trades and unexecuted orders. Not to mention, you will also face many compatibility issues that come with trading platforms that are not designed for all the devices. Now, look at what this broker has to offer you. You are getting a web-based trading platform that allows you to trade on any device of your choice. You can trade on your tablet, laptop, desktop computer, or smartphone if you like because the trading platform is available on them all.

You will not even have to worry about any other issues such as compatibility problems with your devices. The trading platform is available from any corner of the world and can be used at any given moment. You will not lose our settings or configurations on the trading platform just because you move from one device to another.

Final Thoughts

So, you can see that this broker is all about things that facilitate traders in every possible way. You have many other brokers out there that provide you with some great features, but they are not as trader friendly as this one. You can sign up with this broker and use a demo account as well, which means that you will not have to use any money to trade in the financial markets. You can use this account with dummy money to know how the trading platform works and how you will be trading in the financial markets.

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