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Optuma Review

There are hundreds of softwares for you to trade in the stock market and most softwares try to be good for beginners and experienced investors. However, Optuma is a software that approaches this scenario in a different.

It calls itself a technical software with technical analysis that are most suited for experienced investors in the market. There are several tools integrated on this software that make it a different software from the rest.

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From private and professional traders to people who are interested in providing trading education, this software is perfect for everyone. From charts and indicators to technical analysis on multi-screens, you get everything on this software.

The graphical user interface of the software is very plain and simple so even the first timers will have no trouble understanding it. While other softwares provide you with the ability to move various windows from one place to another to see several of them at the same time on a tiny screen, Optuma supports the feature of multiple monitors.

What this means is that you can open multiple analysis screens on multiple monitors if that’s how you like to trade. The strategy testing tool of the software is one robust feature that beats many other trading platforms any day.

You can test your strategies before applying them on decades of data available for any stock exchange on the software.

A tool store is being added to the software that will allow the users to integrate, use and have a look at all the tools that can be used with the software to increase its use.

The good thing about the software is that it accepts data in both formats: EOD and real time data. Just like other tools, Optuma also makes sure that you have enough educational material on the software to learn about trading, know strategies and understand the right times to trade and more.

There is a list of educators on the website of Optuma that are named as recommended educators. The watch list shows not only the price information but also boasts an extra column for your personal analysis on a particular stock.

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