Pelican Labs is ready to Go Public and has More Developments in Place

As per the latest reports, Planet Labs has made an announcement in regards to its plans for making a global move. The company has announced that it is planning to go ahead with a public launch. Planet Labs has revealed that they are planning to go for a public launch by the end of the running year.

Planet Labs is prominently known as a data and earth imaging Specialist Company. The company has reportedly made its announcement for going public on Tuesday, October 12, 2021.

Apart from revealing that it is going to go public, the company has also announced that it is going to work and launch a new line of satellites used for imagery.

The company has announced that with the launch of the new imagery satellites, the 21 SkySat satellites currently surrounding the planets would be upgraded. These satellites are currently in the orbit and will soon be upgraded with Pelican going for the new imagery satellites. Pelican Labs has revealed that starting in the year 2022, they will begin the launches for the satellites.

Pelican Labs has confirmed that the number of satellites in the orbit would also be increased. These satellites will have much high resolution than the current satellites rotating in the orbit have.

With the help of these satellites, these users would have a higher revisit capability. These satellites have been designed to deliver what is expected by the users. The satellites will offer a near-real-time understanding of the happenings as well as offer all of this with a lot of speed and accuracy.

Robbie Schingler, the chief strategy officer (CSO) and co-founder at Pelican Labs shared his thoughts about the upcoming projects of the company.

Schingler revealed that they are aiming to make the satellites much smaller than they are at present. Comparing the size of the new satellites with the SkySat spacecraft, Schingler revealed that the new satellites would be much smaller than them.

However, the satellites would be denser than the SkySat spacecraft. Schingler also revealed that the weight of each new satellite would be somewhere between 150kgs and 200kgs. These satellites are substantially larger than another kind of satellite currently revolving around the planet’s orbit, Dove series imagery satellites. At present, a total of 120 of these satellites have been orbiting our planet.

In recent years, Pelican Labs has made several developments and has grown tremendously in size. One of the most prominent achievements came when it signed up an agreement with SpaceX. As part of the agreement, SpaceX would use Pelican Labs’ launch pads for sending its space missions. The company sees a lot of potential once it makes a public move.

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