Price Analysis of DeFi Kingdoms (JEWEL) and Metis (MTS)

DeFi Kingdoms (JEWEL)

At the time of writing, the unit price of DeFi Kingdoms is at a low of 8.72 per JEWEL. Surprisingly, the price of DeFi Kingdoms was not in such bad shape more than 24-hours back. Prior to the dip, the value of DeFi Kingdoms was at a high of $11.41 per JEWEL.

However, the bears launched their strong selling attack against the buying efforts of the bulls. Therefore, a 22.80% plummet was launched that resulted in bringing the price of DeFi Kingdoms to its current low price.

From the looks of it, the bears are in control and they may keep running the trend for DeFi Kingdoms the same way they have run in the past 24-hours.

If the trend continues, then the price of DeFi Kingdoms may get pulled down to $7.84 per JEWEL. If the bulls are not able to show any kind of resistance or support for DeFi Kingdoms at low prices, then the bears may grow more confident.

They may continue growing more confident and their determination may result in a strong plummet. If the bears start selling DeFi Kingdoms at an even higher rate, then the price of DeFi Kingdoms may dip to $7.06 per JEWEL.

At the moment, the RSI for DeFi Kingdoms is at 36.77 and the moving averages are pointing towards “strong sell” sentiments. This means that the investors may start selling DeFi Kingdoms and continue with it until DeFi Kingdoms plummets even lower.

In the upcoming days, the price of DeFi Kingdoms may get pushed down to $6.35 per JEWEL.

Metis (MTS)

Metis is currently experiencing a strong selling spree and the bear is constantly selling it to create a larger depression. They are aiming to bring Metis to the strong support channel and that would require a very high selling spree.

The bears may try achieving this by exerting higher pressure and selling Metis on a larger scale. This would result in pulling the price of Metis to lower marks.

In the past 24-hours, the bears have formed a 22.75% plummet through the strong selling of Metis. The price of Metis is currently at a low of $0.01132 per MTS but before the selling spree, it was at $0.01514.

In case the selling spree doesn’t end soon, then the price of Metis may get pushed down to $0.01018 per MTS. With the technical indicators and the general market sentiments moving into the bearish corner, the bears will intensify their selling spree, bringing Metis down to $0.009169 per MTS.

Going forward, the bears may increase their selling and the investors may support them in the particular cause, dragging Metis down to $0.008256 per MTS.

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