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RoyalCBank Review 2020

These days, the word ‘cryptocurrency’ is being talked about a lot, but what exactly is it? Some people refer to it as the greatest technological breakthrough of our time while others call it the biggest scam? Cryptocurrency simply refers to virtual currency, the trend which started with Bitcoin in 2009. Due to their decentralized nature, they were deemed untrustworthy and were used for some suspicious activities. However, cryptocurrencies stepped into the limelight in 2017 when Bitcoin experienced an increase in its price, resulting in numerous investors making huge profits. Since then, they have begun to gain worldwide acceptance and have become the newest and hottest trading instrument.

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Anyone who is looking to enter the trading market with the goal of making a profit certainly wants to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in order to enjoy returns. In fact, some primarily enter the market because they wish to trade cryptocurrencies. If that’s the case, you can take advantage of Royal C Bank’s platform and services to trade some of the biggest and most renowned cryptocurrencies in the market as they specialize as a crypto broker. Why do you need their assistance? It is not possible to begin trading without a broker and you have to have a reliable one to be able to trade without any worries.

There have been too many horror stories about brokerage scams so people have to be very cautious when choosing a broker because you don’t want to have your sensitive information compromised. This is not something you need to worry with RoyalCBank. With this broker, you will find everything you need in one place and be able to trade without worrying about privacy, security, lack of trading tools, sluggish trading platform and other similar issues. What exactly will you get when you choose Royal C Bank? Read on to find out:

Membership of the Financial Commission

Since most traders are in search of regulated brokers, it is a plus that Royal C Bank is a member of the Financial Commission. It recently applied for membership and it was granted in July this year. The broker has provided the certificate of membership on its website, which is an assurance that it follows the highest standards and is subject to regulation and monitoring. Royal C Bank has been given Category A, which is only assigned to reliable and trustworthy brokers. There are some prominent benefits of this membership to traders. Firstly, the FinaCom acts as a dispute mediator it case of a problem. If you have any problem with the broker, the FinaCom will help resolve it.

Secondly, under its rules, the RoyalCBank provides an insurance policy to all its traders. In case the broker goes bankrupt, every trader using the broker’s services would be entitled to compensation of $20,000. This sum is kept in a segregated account and you can trade comfortably, knowing your investment is protected.

A skilled team with experience in the industry

One of the best things about Royal C Bank is that it has been launched by equity and crypto traders who have had considerable experience in the market. They have used their knowledge to create this broker and so it offers many services that you wouldn’t see elsewhere. Royal C Bank understands its corporate responsibility and ensures that all its employees do the same. The broker is fully transparent about all its policies and doesn’t try to mislead its customers because they also have a strict ethics policy in place.

Trading bonuses for increasing your returns

Why do you want to trade in the first place? Most people join the market because they want to earn substantial returns. You can definitely do that when you are buying and selling cryptocurrencies, but RoyalCBank gives you an opportunity to increase your returns even more with the help of trading bonuses. You are entitled to a Welcome Bonus that you get when you sign up with the broker. The percentage of this bonus depends on what account you open. Apart from that, RoyalCBank also provides bonuses every now and then as incentive for its traders.

A wide array of cryptocurrencies can be traded

If you do some research on the cryptocurrencies available in the market, you will find that there are tons of options. Every other week, a new cryptocurrency is introduced. However, this doesn’t mean that all of them are robust and can last for long. Many new ones don’t last for more than a couple of months, which means there is significant risk. Knowing this, Royal C Bank first performs security tests to distinguish reliable projects from the rest. If you take a look at its asset index, you will only find the most profitable and robust cryptocurrencies available for trading. This is definitely a relief because you will not invest in any risky crypto coins that may not exist for long. You can buy and sell Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple and more with this broker.

A unique trading platform is available

Instead of going with the typical platforms that you find available with other brokers, RoyalCBank has chosen to do something different. They offer their clientele with Anydesk and TeamViewer, which can be used for trading via desktop. There will be no complaints about lags or delays and transactions are executed in real time so you can see the results right away.

The registration process is quick and efficient

You will have absolutely no problem in signing up with RoyalCBank as the broker has ensured that it only takes a few minutes. You can register yourself on the broker’s website by providing your name, email address, phone number and password. This is also when you decide your account currency. There are three options available in this regard; USD, GBP and EURO. A currency can be chosen, depending on where you reside. It takes only a couple of minutes for you to register as the procedure is quick and efficient.

There are several account types

After you have registered yourself with Royal C Bank, you will need to choose an account type in order to start trading. What kind of account would you like to open? The choice of an account will depend on your knowledge, level of experience and skill. There are simple accounts for newbies and beginners and there are advanced options for those with some serious skill and experience. Royal C Bank has chosen to be a bit more varied with their account choices, offering six than the usual three in order to cater to needs of as many traders as possible.

• Basic account: This is the first account option offered by Royal C Bank and can be opened by depositing 250 in your chosen currency. It boasts a welcome bonus of 30%, 24/6 customer support and education center access. You can also receive price alerts, Daily Market Review and PRO webinars in this account.

• Beginner account: With a deposit of 10,000, you can choose to open this account on Royal C Bank. The features in this account are same as the basic one, but there are also some additions. Your Welcome Bonus is increased to 40% and a junior account manager is also added for your convenience and ease.

• Medium account: This third account option has a higher deposit requirement of 25,000 and so the welcome bonus is also increased to 60% to give traders an incentive. The junior account manager is now replaced with senior account manager because the traders are more experienced at this stage.

• Advanced account: This is for traders who have had considerable experience in the market and so the deposit requirement of this account is 50,000. The welcome bonus also reaches 70% for these traders and now a VIP account manager is assigned for further assistance.

• PRO account: As clear from the name, this account is aimed at professional traders and RoyalCBank asks for a deposit of 100,000 for this account. An 80% welcome bonus is given and you can use all tools and features the broker has to offer.

• VIP: This is the sixth account option you will find at RoyalCBank and it is only for exclusive clients of the broker. There are certain requirements that have to be fulfilled in order to qualify for this account type and you can find out what they are by getting in touch with your account manager.

The best thing about these account types is that they cater to different types of traders and ensure their needs are met. Royal C Bank has kept its initial deposit requirements for each of these account types quite reasonable, as compared to other brokers, which is a big benefit. Moreover, their account managers are quite skilled at their task and you can simply hand over the controls of your account over to them and then sit back and relax while they make profitable trades on your behalf.

There are several options for deposits and withdrawals

When it comes to deposits and withdrawals, Royal C Bank is very accommodating. The traders behind the broker had firsthand experience with the frustration you have to deal with when you are unable to add funds to your account or withdraw what you have earned. Therefore, they have ensured that their clients don’t have to deal with any of these problems. There are a total of three options you will come across for both deposits and withdrawals; these are Visa and MasterCard, bank wire transfer and crypto coins. You can choose the method that’s most convenient for you. One thing to bear in mind is that the card or account should be in the same name as the account holder for your payments to be processed.

Third party cards or accounts are not accepted for security reasons. Easy access buttons are provided on your account page for both deposits and withdrawals and the process is quite straightforward. There are no charges for withdrawals, which is an added advantage. However, you need to withdraw at least 100 in one transaction. Likewise, there is a minimum deposit requirement of 250, but you can open a trading position with as low as 10. Card deposits are processed immediately as are crypto ones, but bank wire transfers take a bit of time. Withdrawal requests first need to be approved before being processed.

The customer support is quite comprehensive

RoyalCBank is dedicated to providing its customers with the best customer support. It is aware that they might have problems or questions when they sign up for trading and so they have ensured there are several options for them to get in touch. They have provided phone numbers for their offices in the UK and Switzerland and email addresses are also available for different type of queries. Similarly, you can also use the live chat option for getting in touch with one of the broker’s agents. They are quite responsive and friendly and will attempt to resolve your problem as quickly as possible. There is also an FAQ section on the broker’s website where you can find answers to common problems that most clients are known to experience.

Bottom Line

RoyalCBank has made considerable effort in ensuring that its clients are not disappointed when they decide to use its services for trading in the crypto currency market. Knowing the sensitive nature of this trading, the broker has implemented top notch security measures. This includes SSL and encryption for keeping all data entered on the website away from prying eyes. As for the funds deposited by traders, they are all kept in segregated accounts. The trading platform offered by the broker is also quite innovative and the account options and available cryptocurrencies provide traders with a lot of freedom when making their transactions. You will have no issues in fulfilling your crypto trading goals when you sign up with RoyalCBank.

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