Stock Price Movement of Boeing, Pfizer, and more Companies

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Stocks for Boeing Uplift by 2%

The stock prices for Boeing have elevated at a normal rate in premarket trading. According to the performance report for Boeing, the aircraft manufacturing giant’s stocks have surged by 2%.

The share prices for Boeing rose after the analysts at Baird shared their remarks and a promising update regarding Boeing’s operations.

The analysts at Baird revealed that as of now, the stocks for Boeing have become one of the top picks for the investors. Therefore, the stocks for the aircraft manufacturing giant have moved to the bullish side.

The Baird analysts went on to reveal that the stocks for Boeing have become the top pick among the investors. Most importantly, the demand for Boeing aircraft has started rising, as China has recently resumed its purchasing of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

Stocks for Pfizer Uplift by 0.6%

The stock prices for Pfizer have uplifted by 0.6% in the premarket trading. The shares for the drug-maker have experienced a surge following submission for approval at the FDA for the COVID-19 vaccine’s second booster shot.

It is being expected that the FDA may proceed with approving the request coming autumn. Once the approval is acquired, Pfizer would launch the campaign for COVID-19 vaccination.

Stocks for BioNTech Uplift by 4.4%

The stocks for BioNTech have experienced a surge in premarket trading and the reason for the share price rise is the same as Pfizer. The announcement regarding the submission of approval at the FDA has boosted the confidence of the BioNTech investors. Due to the announcement, the stocks for BioNTech have surged 4.4%.

Stocks for Micron Technology Uplift by 4.7%

Micron Technology is also among the high-performing tech companies in today’s stock market. The stocks for Micron Technology have soared by 4.7% in premarket trading. According to reports from the stock markets, the share prices for Micron Technology gained rose after the analysts at Bernstein upgraded its stock status.

It has been confirmed that the Bernstein analysts proceeded with a double upgrade for the stock status of Micron Technology. The stock status for Micron Technology has been upgraded by the Bernstein analysts from “underperform” to “outperform”.

The Bernstein analysts have remarked that the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, won’t play a significant role in destroying the demand and supply for the memory chips.

Another major reason behind the surge in Micron Technology’s stock price is due to the recent sell-off the memory chip-manufacturing company has carried out for its stocks.

In addition to the shares sold for Micron Technology, the chip-making company has also sold other semiconductor stocks in the market.

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