Stock Price Movement of Lowe’s, PG&E, and more Companies

Lowe’s Stock Prices Sunk by 1%

The share prices of Lowe’s have experienced a 1% dip in post-market trading. The share prices for Lowe’s experienced a dip after the CFO of the home improvement retailer announced that he will be leaving the company. The current chief financial officer of Lowe’s is David Denton.

David Denton has confirmed that he will be leaving the company by the end of April and April 30 would be his last day at Lowe’s. Denton also confirmed that he will be taking up the same designation at Pfizer, which is a major drugmaker.

Lowe’s officials have confirmed that Brandon Sink will be taking up David Denton’s position as the CFO. Brandon Sink is also working as the Senior Vice President at Lowe’s.

PG&E Shares Surged by 2.3%

The share prices for PG&E have experienced a 2.3% surge in post-market sharing. The California-based utility company’s share prices experienced a surge when it confirmed that it has finally settled the two cases that involved fires.

PG&E was facing two lawsuits for fires that were set out in the Northern California region. The utility company has announced that it will be paying a total of $55 million to settle both lawsuits.

Once the amount is paid, both lawsuits will be settled and PG&E won’t face any kind of criminal charges due to the fires.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Shares Dipped by 3.5%

The share prices for Hewlett Packard Enterprise have experienced a dip in the premarket trading. The reason behind the share price dip was the stock status for Hewlett Packard Enterprise getting downgraded by the analysts at Morgan Stanley.

It has been confirmed that the stock status of Hewlett Packard Enterprise has been downgraded to “underweight”. Before the downgrade, the stock status for the enterprise computing company was at “equal weight”.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is not the only networking equipment company that had its stock status downgraded. Morgan Stanley has reportedly downgraded the stock status of several network equipment and telecom companies from its end.

CarMax Shares Dipped by 2.2%

The share prices for CarMax experienced a 2.2% fall in post-market trading. The auto retailer’s share prices experienced a dip after its executives shared the earnings results for the recent quarter.

The analysts revealed that they missed out on the bottom line for the recent quarter. For the particular quarter, CarMax executives revealed that the earnings estimates were $1.25 per share. However, they only managed to generate earnings worth 98 cents per share for the respective quarter.

CarMax officials revealed that they successfully topped the estimations that the analysts had made for the revenue for the respective quarter.

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