Stock Price Movement of Raytheon Technologies, Bank of China, Citigroup, and more Companies

In today’s stock market, investors have impacted the stock prices of different companies. On one side, the investors have rallied in favor of companies, pushing their stock prices higher in the process. On the other side, the investors have pulled their investments and support for companies, pulling their stock prices down in the process.

The first company on the list is Raytheon Technologies which has reportedly observed a surge in its share prices in the past 24-hours. For now, the investors are investing in favor of upward growth through their accumulation of Raytheon Technologies’ stocks. As of now, the stock price for Raytheon Technologies is at $90.73 per share after experiencing a 0.60% surge in the past 24-hours. The rally has also helped push the market valuation of Raytheon Technologies up to $135.80 billion. Raytheon Technologies currently ranks as the 101st largest valuated company in the entire world.

The second company on the list is the Bank of China, which is also witnessing the same kind of support as Raytheon Technologies. The data has revealed that the stocks for the Bank of China have been pushed up by 0.10% in the past 24-hours. Due to the push, the trading price for Bank of China’s stock is worth $0.39 per share. The valuation for the Bank of China has also been elevated at the same rate. Therefore, the Bank of China’s valuation is hovering over the $134.73 billion figure. As of now, the Bank of China ranks as the 102nd largest valued company in the world.

The third company on the list is Citigroup has witnessed significant support from its investors. It is due to the support from the investors that the stock prices for Citigroup have been pushed higher by 2.21%. After the push, the stocks for Citigroup are being traded at a unit price worth $66.56 per share. The current valuation of Citigroup is worth $132.07 billion, making it the 103rd largest valued company in the entire world.

The fourth company on the list is Unilever which seems to have been pushed into the bearish zone by its investors. The trend has been observed after the investors have started selling Unilever’s stock at low levels. This has triggered a low-level selling spree and the dip created in the past 24-hours is 0.51%. At the time of publication, Unilever’s stock is being traded for $51.13 per share. The valuation for Unilever has also dipped, and the current valuation for Unilever is worth $131.21 billion, ranking it as the 104th largest valued company.

Other companies being impacted by the bullish/bearish movements of the investors include Volkswagen, Sanofi, Keyence, Amgen, and Siemens.

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