The Best 5 Crypto Charting Platforms to Use in 2024

The Best 5 Crypto Charting Platforms to Use in 2024

If you’re a crypto trader or an intending one, one of the most important things you can do to succeed is to have a proper way of charting assets you wish to trade.

Such charting is what can make the difference between successful and unsuccessful trades. Charting correctly gives you the ability to do good technical analysis, which makes your trading battle half won.

There are several crypto charting tools out there that you can use. They provide all the tools you need to chart and also trade crypto right in the same place for most of them. 

If that is the kind of platform you’re looking for, the following are some of the best that you can use to chart your assets and start trading.


Coinigy is not just a crypto charting website, it is also a popular crypto portfolio management app. This makes it a fully dependable platform for doing anything related to crypto. 

One thing that stands out about it is its simplicity which makes it ideal even for beginners. The platform however still manages to blend excellent analysis capabilities which also cater to pro traders. Anyone can therefore use it for their peculiar needs.

Its most important features for beginners are portfolio management, a crypto screener, and a system for creating price alerts. One of its unique features is the built-in arbitrage screener which users can leverage to find price disparities between exchanges.

Orion Terminal 

This is a decentralized crypto charting platform owned by Orion Protocol. Since it is decentralized, it enables users to directly connect their wallets execute trades across multiple exchanges from a single access point. 

This gives users full control over their assets and is something advanced traders find invaluable. They can also chart complex strategies, as well as features such as a fiat-to-crypto gateway, a network bridge, a system for crypto swaps, and a series of liquidity pools. 

Trades placed on Orion Protocol are executed through the company’s decentralized exchange (DEX) which aggregates prices from other platforms to offer users the best prices to buy or sell assets.


TradingView is the leading crypto charting platform and probably the oldest. Most other charting and trading platforms depend on it for charting capabilities, including the ones on this list. It allows users to trade strategies across different markets, as well as screen assets to find opportunities.

You’ll find the best crypto technical indicators as well as popular chart patterns you can use to complement a trading strategy. It is worth noting that the app can be used on mobile devices as well as desktop to start charting right away. 

While the basic plan for TradingView is free, the more advanced Pro and Pro+ versions are paid, but only necessary if you’re looking for more advanced features beyond those available in the basic plan.

Insillico Terminal 

This is a relatively new crypto charting platform that you can access at no cost. Its main focus is to provide advanced features — usually available only to pro traders — for retail traders to use. 

The platform doesn’t only offer professional-grade tools, but also offers low-latency order execution, and a programmable trading interface that allows users to customize it to suit their peculiar needs.

Users can access advanced order types like scale, TWAP, and swarm orders to enter positions at the best possible prices. The charting tool requires users to link an exchange, and currently supports Binance, Bybit, and WOOX. The few supported exchanges could be a turn off for some users. 


CryptoView is a platform with a unique interface that allows users to chart crypto assets and trade them across several exchanges. It synchronizes multiple crypto trading accounts and wallets in one place, giving users advanced crypto trading capabilities as well as portfolio management.

Its other features are a crypto screener, a portfolio overview highlighting risk, customizable price alerts via web/e-mail/SMS, and the ability to manage multiple charts from a single screen. 

You can use CryptoView to manage multiple exchange accounts and execute trades across 17 trading platforms, including Binance,, and Coinbase via your mobile or desktop devices. 

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