The Best 5 Crypto Exchanges for Buying Near Protocol (NEAR)

The Best 5 Crypto Exchanges for Buying Near Protocol (NEAR)

Near Protocol is a blockchain project for cloud computing. It was created to reduce the cost of transactions and enhance speed of moving information.

The native token, NEAR, is used to pay for transaction fees and to pay for storage space. The token also serves as a governance token that you can use to vote on new developments on the project. 

If you wish to use the protocol’s cloud computing platform therefore, you’ll need to own some NEAR, at least for settling transaction fees. You may also buy the token just for holding as an investment for the future.

Whatever is your reason for buying NEAR, the following are the best platforms you can use to buy it. They were selected based on their popularity for buying and selling the NEAR token.


Binance tops the crypto trading volume in the world and is the top when it comes to trading NEAR. Its popularity is due to several reasons, one of which is its simple user interface. This has made it possible for just anyone to use the platform successfully.

It is also a popular choice because of the low fees it charges both for buying and for trading of assets. There are over 350 other crypto assets supported on the platform, with massive liquidity that you can use to buy any asset.

The most popular method for buying NEAR here is to swap USDT for it, but there are many other assets you can use, including fiat currencies which are best used with debit or credit cards.


Coinbase is the second most popular platform when it comes to buying NEAR. It is a leading crypto trading platform with deep liquidity and a large global user base. Coinbase also has robust security that makes it highly credible among crypto investors.

The most popular method of buying NEAR on this exchange is with the USD through the use of debit or credit cards and other methods. However, this may be a bit expensive as Coinbase’s fees are usually higher than most platforms.

Therefore you can simply swap your USDT or other supported assets for NEAR. Coinbase was designed with beginners in mind, so it has a very simple user interface.


Bybit has the third largest volume for NEAR, with the most popular method to use being swapping of USDT for NEAR. you can also use your debit and credit card to buy instantly which is the easiest way to buy with fiat.

The exchange is however meant for advanced traders and investors as you’ll notice that it isn’t as easy to use as Binance. It supports over 1,000 crypto assets, giving you several options to choose from if you wish to buy more assets.

The fees on this platform as ust as low as Binance, making it a go-to platform for most investors, including those with low budgets.


OKX is an innovative platform for buying and trading crypto assets. It has a simple user interface, enabling anyone to use it seamlessly for buying crypto assets. There are over 350 crypto assets listed on this exchange and many trading pairs.

You can easily buy NEAR by swapping USDT for it. You can also swap USDC and BTC for NEAR, as well as other supported assets. Another way to buy is to use fiat currencies, which is done using debit or debit cards.

OKX fees are quite low, so no need to worry about that. It is also highly secure to ensure users are protected.


Last on this list is Kraken, a reputable crypto exchange that serves users from all over the world. You can use it to buy NEAR primarily using USD or EURO via your debit or credit card. These are the only available methods for buying NEAR on Kraken.

The fees are quite low, making it competitive against other platforms. It is also an easy platform to use, so it gives users the best experience.

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