The Best 5 Crypto Exchanges to Use in Japan

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Japan is one of the most crypto-friendly countries in the world, even though it is quite strict with regulations for the industry.

The country has supported blockchain innovation over the years, so it is a great place for crypto businesses and investors to thrive.

For crypto investors in Japan, there are several options for the best crypto trading platforms to use. However on an individual level, you should choose your exchange based on factors that are important to you.

Are you a beginner looking for the easiest platform to use or you’re a seasoned trader looking for the platform that offers the advanced features you need?

Whatever is your priority, the following are the best five crypto exchange platforms to choose from in Japan.


Binance has had issues with the Japanese regulators before, but all that has been straightened out and the exchange has started over.

With proper licensing from the authorities, the exchange established a special trading platform for Japanese earlier this year.

On the platform, you can trade several crypto assets in line with Japanese laws, and also buy and hold assets if that is what you want.

There are 47 tokens available for spot trading, which is the highest number of tokens offered by any exchange in the country.

Binance also offers its Earn product which allows users to earn interest on the assets they hold on the exchange. Binance is known for its user-friendly user interface that allows even the beginners to use it. 


OKX is the innovative crypto trading platform that is bringing several new things to the crypto space. The exchange with over 10 million users worldwide is one of the best to use in Japan. You can trade over 300 crypto assets on the platform and stake more than 200.

One of the interesting things about OKX is its staking feature, which gives users the opportunity to earn rewards.

Japanese users can earn up to 5% APY on staked stablecoins. Its simple user interface and low trading fees are also features that make the platform appealing.

Although not regulated in Japan, OKX is registered and regulated in Hong Kong and Malta, and provides proof of reserves.

You can deposit Japanese Yen on the exchange using Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card, Line Pay, Japan Post Bank, PayPal, Wise & Revolut. 


Bybit is a reputable crypto derivatives trading platform with over 10 million users from hundreds of countries, including Japan. There are over 770 supported cryptocurrencies you can trade in spot, and many other ways.

The platform provides stellar customer support with communication in Japanese, which is one of the reasons why Japanese investors find it particularly attractive.

If you’re interested in trading derivatives, you can enjoy up to 25X leverage on your trades with this platform.

Bybit is also known for the low fees it charges,and is regulated globally. Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card, Line Pay, PayPay, Japan Post Bank, PayPal & Wise.


bitFlyer is a platform that was designed specifically for Japanese users. It is the indigenous  platform with the highest trading volume in the country, attesting to its attractiveness.

You can use this platform effectively regardless of your level of trading knowledge because of its simple user interface design.

There is the beginner-friendly version known as the standard BitFlyer exchange, and an advanced trading platform named BitFlyer Lightning.

The platform also has unique features that set it apart, including its proprietary Crypto Credit Card, BTC earning services, and a T-Point exchange for Bitcoin.


Bitbank is another indigenous crypto exchange in Japan. It has a unique strength, which is its ability to verify users within minutes. 

Apart from trading, you can use it to access lending services where users can lease their assets to Bitbank in return for a 3% yield, providing them with a means of passive income. 

It is registered as a member of the Japan Crypto Asset Trading Association, making it a reliable platform for investors in Japan.

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