The Best Crypto Exchanges for Buying XRP: Top Picks for 2024

XRP is the native token used to power Ripple’s financial settlement platform. It is used to provide liquidity for the transfer of funds across borders.

With XRP, RIpple can send billions in transactions and settle in seconds at very low fees.

XRP is most famous for the judgment in July this year declaring that it wasn’t a security. Following that judgment, the token rallied significantly, renewing the hopes of investors that it has not died yet.

Analysts still believe that XRP has better days to come as it is currently one of the undervalued crypto assets among the top ten. In this guide, we name the top crypto exchanges you can use to buy XRP if you believe in its future and are planning to be a part of it.


Coinbase is a simple cryptocurrency trading platform that you can use to XRP. Because of its simplicity, many new crypto investors find it particularly attractive not just for buying assets but also for trading. 

One of the attractive things about the platform is its Coinbase Earn program which rewards users for staking their crypto assets. You also can participate in this program and earn rewards.

Coinbase has hundreds of other cryptocurrencies you can trade XRP for. The exchange is also easily accessible through its mobile app where you can trade on the go. Deposit methods include bank transfer and credit/debit cards.

However, Coinbase’s fees are higher than those of most exchanges you’ll come across. 


Binance is the favorite crypto exchange for over 160 million users in hundreds of countries. Perhaps the popularity is tied to its low fees and simple user interface that allows even the least experienced traders to easily buy tokens.

The platform also features an advanced pro version that has advanced trading and charting tools that pro traders will find attractive.

Binance charges as low as 0.1% for spot trading, and you can deposit fiat currencies using several options including bank transfer and debit/credit cards.

Binance also has deep liquidity that makes it easy to buy and trade cryptocurrencies without worrying about not having a buyer. There are over 300 other assets you can swap with XRP on the exchange.


eToro is a social trading platform that allows new traders to copy the strategies of more experienced traders and make profit while learning to trade. You can use it to buy XRP easily because of its user interface which is quite easy to navigate.

You can use several methods to deposit money on the exchange, including bank transfer and cards. The exchange also has features such as portfolio tracking and advanced charting to advanced traders.

Apart from crypto which the exchange has over 70, eToro also supports the trading of other markets such as stocks and commodities. If you’re looking for a secure platform to buy XRP, this is it because it is regulated in several countries.


Kraken is a top exchange in the U.S and one globally accessible to millions of users from hundreds of countries. Kraken is known as an exchange for experienced traders with its advanced features.

However, it is still a great place for beginners to buy and trade crypto assets easily. Kraken’s fees are also significantly lower than most platforms, and there are hundreds of other tokens supported. You can also stake your XRP on the platform after buying to earn a 25% reward.


Uphold is an easy to use platform that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies and other assets such as precious stones and commodities. You can access it on the web as well as on your mobile phone, be it Android or iOS.

The fees on Uphold are also lower than most exchanges, and you can stake your assets to earn interest on them. You can deposit funds on the platform using a variety of available methods or use your other assets to buy XRP.

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