The Best Crypto Exchanges to Buy Polygon (MATIC) in 2024

The Best Crypto Exchanges to Buy Polygon (MATIC) in 2024

Polygon is a Layer 2 scalability network for Ethereum, which was created to make Ethereum faster and cheaper to use.

The network has grown fast since its creation, as developers and users in general are looking for fast blockchain networks to use. As a result, the native token, MATIC, has also increased in popularity and value over time.

MATIC is currently one of the top assets in terms of price performance among the top twenty crypto assets, and remains one of the most popular crypto assets under $1 in value. 

You can also buy it at this rate now and wait for its future price rise as the market preps for the next leg up. The following are the best crypto exchanges you can use for this purpose.


Binance is a great platform for all things crypto, and is also an excellent place to buy crypto assets like MATIC. The exchange charges very low fees for buying and trading of crypto assets, and at the same time offers different opportunities to earn.

You can buy and stake MATIC on this platform, as it is one of the 100 selected assets for staking by Binance. In fact, MATIC staking brings one of the highest rewards on Binace and many other platforms.

There are different methods for buying MATIC on Binance, including debit/credit card, bank transfer, etc. There are over 350 other assets listed on this exchange, which you can use to trade or swap your MATIC.


Kraken is a trusted platform that lets you buy MATIC easily and at a relatively low price. It is also a platform that charges low fees for buying and trading of assets in general, therefore it is a great place to do your crypto business.

Notably, Kraken also allows users to stake MATIC for crypto rewards. You can earn 1-3% APY staking the token on the platform and then reinvest or withdraw as you please. Kraken also has over 300 other crypto assets you can buy or stake.

There are different methods for buying MATIC, including debit/credit cards which is the fastest. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a pro, there’s always something for you on Kraken. 


Coinbase is another great option for buying MATIC tokens. The platform also allows users to stake the MATIC they buy on Coinbase Prime. You can do this to earn staking rewards while holding your MATIC in a locked account.

This exchange is one of the biggest in the world, and the biggest in the U.S. If you’re a beginner, you’ll find Coinbase particularly impressive because of its simple user interface which can be easily navigated.

It also offers various methods for buying the token, but the fees are quite high compared to other crypto exchanges. 


Bybit is a crypto trading platform designed for advanced traders, no wonder it is referred to as a leading crypto derivatives trading platform. However, it is one of the best places to buy MATIC, even for beginners.

You can trade MATIC for 100 out of Bybit’s roughly 1,000 listed crypto assets, as well as hold it to earn as the price to go up. One great thing about this platform is that it charges low fees, which places it in the same class with Binance.

The Bybit exchange is also one that provides multiple payment options for buying MATIC, so you can choose the most convenient for you. provides a trusted platform for buying and also trading of MATIC tokens. It is an exchange with an established reputation as one that complies with regulatory demands in all jurisdictions where it operates.

You can also stake your MATIC on this platform to start earning rewards which can add up rather fast, especially on which pays higher rewards than most platforms. There are also over 350 other assets you can buy and trade.

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