The Best Crypto Exchanges to Use in Hong Kong in 2024

The Best Crypto Exchanges to Use in Hong Kong in 2024

Hong Kong is a leading destination for crypto globally, and this is owing to the city’s positive disposition towards the industry.

With the regulation of cryptocurrencies being made plain and clear, crypto companies are attracted to Hong Kong as this makes running of business in compliance with local regulations easier.

As a result, Hong Kong residents are the most privileged as they have free access to cryptocurrency investing. If you’re one of those people in Hong Kong looking to invest in crypto, you should be asking which exchange to use.

In this guide, we highlight the top crypto exchanges that you, as a resident of the city, can use to buy and trade your crypto assets, and here they are.


If you’re a resident of Hong Kong, Coinbase is one of the best crypto exchanges available to you for buying and trading crypto assets. It is a user-friendly crypto trading platform that serves a global user base, even though its headquarters are in the U.S.

Because it is user-friendly, Coinbase has succeeded in attracting beginners in the crypto space who are not yet used to complicated platforms. It is therefore highly recommended if you’re a beginner in the space trying to find your footing.

Coinbase however charges higher fees for all kinds of transactions than most crypto exchanges. This is a turn off for some people but if it isn’t for you, Coinbase is a great choice for use in Hong Kong.

OKX Hong Kong

OKX is one of the top crypto trading platforms globally, and currently has presence in hundreds of countries across different continents. It is a platform that is leading with innovation in the industry, and one of the most reliable platforms to use for all crypto traders and investors.

While the global platform isn’t available in Hong Kong, OKX Hong Kong is the platform specially created for Hong Kong customers. You can directly deposit Hong Kong Dollars (HKD) on the platform and use it to buy any crypto assets you want.

The platform’s design makes it easily usable by investors with experience and those who are just starting out. There are hundreds of assets listed on this platform to provide you with several options for swapping assets.


Gate.HK is another reliable platform for trading cryptocurrencies in Hong Kong. It is a subsidiary of, a global crypto trading platform with users from several countries. Gate.HK is specially designed to cater to Hong Kong users, but with all the features available on

These features include low transaction fees, which make it a perfect place for trading altcoins even with a low budget. It is also a platform with a simple design that makes it easy for anyone to use.  

While the licensing process hasn’t been completed, Gate.HK is legally operating in Hong Kong under the transitional arrangement. This makes it legal for Hong Kong residents to use it for buying and trading of their favorite crypto assets.


Gemini is a centralized crypto exchange based in the U.S. It is one of the top global crypto exchanges serving users from several countries, including the Hong Kong administrative region of China.

The exchange has an excellent reputation when it comes to security, having secured military grade encryption that makes it formidable against bad actors. You can use the exchange to buy and trade over 100 crypto assets listed on the platform.

Another crypto trading platform you can comfortably use in Hong Kong is This is a highly compliant platform that has gained the approval of regulators from all over the world. You can buy, trade, and stake assets on it to gain interests.

The platform has its headquarters in Singapore, which makes it a true platform for South East Asia. It is also suitable for a wide range of users ranging from absolute beginners to pro users.

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