The Best Ethereum Wallets to Use for Your Portfolio

Ethereum is a famous name in the crypto, non-fungible token (NFT), and decentralized finance (DeFi) space, and for good reason. It is a platform that is used to build many of the components, which makes it a hub for developers.

Ether (ETH) is the token used to power this ecosystem, and so is an important token as far as the crypto space is concerned. Because of its wide usage, ETH is also considered to be a token with huge potential for massive gains.

Therefore, many investors seek to buy it and hold for the future when its price is expected to rise before they sell it. If you’re such an investor, one of the tools you need to succeed in this venture is a good wallet to hold your ETH in when you buy it. 

There are different types of wallets you can use for ETH, including mobile, software, hardware and paper wallets. The first two are generally referred to as hot wallets, while the last two are referred to as cold wallets.

Cold wallets are generally more secure for holding your ETH for a long time, but there are various reasons why people may also consider using hot wallets. Whichever is the case, here are the best wallets you can use for your ETH.


Metamask falls in the hot wallet category, and is a popular one when it comes to holding ETH for a few reasons. First, it is the token for the Ethereum blockchain, and Metamask was created primarily for interacting with the Ethereum blockchain.

This makes it particularly suitable for holding your ETH if your goal is to spend it for things such as use of decentralized applications, paying for transaction fees, or even trading on decentralized exchanges.

The wallet comes as a browser extension that doesn’t take up much space. All you have to do is install the extension from the correct website and set up to start using it. Of course, it also supports every other token built on the Ethereum blockchain, as well as NFTs and decentralized applications.

MyEtherWallet (MEW)

Imagine a wallet named after Ethereum itself, how good it is to be used for holding your ETH. no wonder it is a popular one among Ethereum users. 

It is a client-side Ethereum wallet with broad functionalities around the creation, development, and use of smart contracts. With it, users can seamlessly interact with the Ethereum ecosystem.

You can use it to deploy smart contracts, trade Ethereum-based assets, stake Ethereum (ETH), manage NFT collection, and store all your Ethereum tokens in one place. However, the wallet is only suitable for advanced users of the Ethereum ecosystem.

Those new to the ecosystem may find it a bit difficult to use because of its advanced features. The wallet is also ideal for other EVM-compatible blockchains such as BNB Chain and Polygon.

Trust Wallet

Trust wallet is a popular wallet for Ethereum and other blockchains, hence it is a great choice for holding ETH. it is a mobile crypto wallet, meaning you can conveniently carry your whole portfolio around with it. 

Its unique feature is that it comes with a mobile Dapp browser that allows you to explore the Ethereum dApp ecosystem, including DeFi and NFTs, on the go. 

Unlike the MEW, it is easy to use, making it ideal for beginners, and supports a whopping 4.5 million cryptocurrencies including every Ethereum-based token.


Exodus is a web3 wallet that is designed for Ethereum and other blockchains. It is also a beginner-friendly one that anyone can use. 

You can use the wallet to securely manage your ETH as well as other tokens that run on the Ethereum blockchain. The wallet is also built to hold your NFTs, so you can manage everything in just one place. 

You can also use it to stake tokens and earn rewards, something that makes it stand out. However, it is not an open-source wallet.

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