The Best Free Crypto Trading Signals Providers to Use

Crypto trading can be risky without proper guidance. This is especially true if you’re venturing into it for the first time. 

However, you can access help in many ways, one of which is through crypto trading signal providers. These groups provide important information such as entry and exit points for trades on specific crypto assets.

They may also give you advice on investing in general, including technical and fundamental analysis. While some of them are paid, there are many that you can access and use their guidance for free.

This isn’t necessarily because they aren’t very good, but because they are probably new and want to get their foot in the door first. Some may just be passionate about helping new traders find balance and confidence.  

In this guide, we list the best of the free crypto trading signal providers you can use to begin your crypto trading journey.


You may have heard of eToro as a crypto trading platform, but did you know that it is also one of the leading trading signals providers in the industry? On top of that, it provides these signals for free to support new traders.

This makes sense because eToro is a social trading platform, that is it allows beginner traders to copy the trades of pro traders, which is another way it supports beginners. 

The copy trading service known as eToro CopyPortfolios allows anyone to copy trades of expert traders using their signals for free. 

Copy traders can simply follow the strategies of these experts and not have to come up with their own, making it possible for anyone to start trading immediately. There are signals available to trade over 20 crypto assets.

This platform uses AI, machine learning, and bots to generate crypto trading signals and also allows users to automate trades through crypto bots. You’ll access scalping algorithm-based signals for trading on Binance, USDT signals, BTC and USD trading signals for Bittrex traders

You’ll also get short and mid-term signals based on technical analyses by professional traders from the group. Signals are posted on the Telegram group, and you can trade them manually or automate.

The system scans exchanges to find trading signals which have previously generated between 133% to 467% in gains for traders who use them. You can access the basic signals for free, which also come with news and market updates. 


Zignaly is one of the best crypto trading signals providers today, based on user reviews. You can manually select people that should trade for you or simply use a trading robot

What sets this platform apart is its automated trading which has attracted thousands of traders since its creation in 2018. 

The service allows you to opt for DCA-based rebuy strategies, sell signals to others, use stop-loss trailing, trade with TradingView signals, and multi-targets are also possible from signals.

The minimum investment is $1, and it is free unless your make gains, after which you can pay a commission.


This is a crypto trading platform that is big on trading robots as the name suggests. It is integrated with many top crypto exchanges, and allows users to trade cryptocurrency spots or futures using 15 types of bots.

The robots include spot robots, margin trading futures bots, AI bots, rebalancer bots, futures bots, RSI bots, arbitrage, grid bots, DCA bots, trends, and swing bots.

Users can source signals from the signals marketplace and then use them with the trading robots. It also has a copy trading feature that allows users to find channels, follow, and sell and copy signals.

You can also use the platform to track your portfolio, including Transactions, orders, and positions histories. The platform also provides instructional materials that will walk you through the entire process of using it.

Although it isn’t entirely free, you can use it for free for up to two smart orders at a go.

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