The Rising Cryptocurrencies for Investment in 2022

The market of cryptocurrencies keeps booming rapidly. The prices are spiking like never before. Nevertheless, the market is subject to extreme volatility and outright price swings are still a common thing in the cryptocurrency industry. Mass adoption of cryptocurrencies worldwide is in progress while most of the developed and highly modern, advanced, and growing nations have already started investing and trading cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are alternatives to traditional plastic and FIAT money that appear to be more efficient and convenient to use.

If you are looking to invest or start trading cryptocurrency investments, here are some of the best picks for the upcoming year 2022. While there is no assurance, these growing and non-major cryptocurrencies are starting to notify their presence in the digital cryptos world.

The Next Big Cryptocurrencies of 2022

Here are some of the up-and-coming cryptocurrencies that might have the potential to shake the cryptocurrency markets to a certain extent. You should take a look and conduct your own research rather than basing your investment decisions solely on the provided information about coins and tokens below. There is immense risk in cryptocurrency investment when you don’t understand the price trends and spend some time learning the market conditions of some of the cryptos.

1.    Dogecoin

Dogecoin is one of the favorites of both experienced and beginner investors. Surprisingly, its volatility and high-profit potential are what attract most investors to it. Besides, the market cap of this growing and fairly new cryptocurrency has hit $38 billion. It has evolved from a minor cryptocurrency into a major competitor among the rich digital cryptos of the industry. Elon Musk, one of the most popular names of the cryptocurrency investment world has also shown interest in this famous crypto.

In 2017, the price of this cryptocurrency was nothing but $0.0002. However, the sharp rise and onset of volatility threw the price range around $0.29 per coin.

2.    Shiba Inu

Shiba Iau began as a “meme” digital currency that soon become one of the most prominent crypto coins. Interestingly, the Shiba Inu coin runs under the flagship of the Ethereum network. Did you know that the initial price of the Shiba Inu “SHIB” coin was $0.0000000014? While the value is nearly negligible, the current price has gone well over $0.00007567 which is an enormous increase in the value. This cryptocurrency market cap is well over $41 billion and keeps growing since the lucrative cryptocurrency investors are finding the low-value cryptocurrencies highly profitable for their long-term investment goals.

3.    Polkadot

The market cap for Polkadot is currently above $43 billion and seeing that the market for this crypto is still in its growing phase, the market cap is a clear indicator of the hidden potential that lies with this coin. The Polkadot cryptocurrency is integrating several blockchains at the moment through a cryptocurrency network. This cryptocurrency coin has shown massive potential for future growth since the early time of its inception a few years back.

 From September 2020 to October 2021, the price of this cryptocurrency reached over $44.19 from $2.93.

4.    XRP

XRP might not need an introduction because this cryptocurrency took a fair market share right from the beginning, unlike other struggling digital cryptocurrencies. XRP came from the same founders who created Ripple cryptocurrency a few years ago. It was a digital payment processing technology and company that also uses XRP to facilitate the exchanges of various types of currencies including major cryptos and FIAT currencies as well.

The market cap of this cryptocurrency is well over $50 billion. In 2017, the price of XPR stood at $0.006. however, with the increase in prices during the following years, the price in 2021 has reached around $1.08 which is a significant rise.


Once again, it is worth reminding that you shouldn’t base your investment decisions solely on the information provided. Rather, you should spend some time learning and researching the cryptocurrencies that you find interesting and potentially profitable for you. If you spend the right amount of time researching

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