TradeLTD Review – Use TradeLTD for a Smooth and Easy Trading Experience

TradeLTD Review – Use TradeLTD for a Smooth and Easy Trading Experience

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TradeLTD Review

Not all the trading platforms out there are created equal. The needs of a rookie trader who is just getting started are so much different from that of a seasoned trader. The former will be willing to work with any platform that’s easy to use and understand whereas the latter is more interested in sophistication and agility as it helps their overall goals. Those who are day traders spend most of their day in front of a trading platform and they want something that’s a useful tool and not just a flashy and cheap access point to the markets. Yes, the needs are varied, but this doesn’t mean that all these traders have to look for separate platforms.

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They can find what they are looking for at TradeLTD. This particular one was formed in 2010 by a bunch of people who were really passionate about trading. Over the years, they worked hard to make TradeLTD into the platform it is today i.e. licensed, secure and offering a wide range of assets to trade in. It was registered in 2016 in London and has become the top choice of all traders who want to see their trading goals come to life. There are a number of features of TradeLTD that has gained it the popularity it has and the most notable ones are outlined below:

  • Different Account Types

First and foremost, the feature that appeals to all traders is the different account types that TradeLTD has to offer. Why is this appealing? This is a perk because it means that all kinds of traders can make use of TradeLTD. For instance, the Standard Account is a good choice for new traders because they don’t have a huge budget so the minimum deposit limit of USD 250 works for them. Also, since they are new, they don’t have much use of advanced features such as trading signals and other tools. The leverage option is also good and they can trade a number of assets.

The Premium Account is a good choice for traders who have had some experience and made successful traders so they can afford to put in USD 5,000 as the minimum deposit limit. They can use some of the premium features that come with this account and get favorable results. However, traders who are on the route to becoming professional traders prefer to go with the VIP Account that requires a minimum deposit of USD 10,000. They get to use technical analysis, trading signals, benefit from one-on-one training and also express withdrawals.

  • Number of platforms

There are three different platform options that you will find at TradeLTD. This includes a desktop as well as mobile or tablet trading platform. Every platform has its own set of benefits that can be useful for traders. The MetaTrader4 is globally popular and for good reason as it makes it a lot easier for traders to monitor and also execute a number of trades simultaneously. As far as the web-based trading platform is concerned, its coding has been kept simple, which allows it to stay lightweight. Apart from that, it is also straightforward, can be navigated with ease and will never give you lagging issues. It is the best alternative to the bulkier trading systems out there.

The Mobile MT4 platform is the ideal way for traders to execute and manage their trades on the go. Developed for both Android and iOS phones, this trading app boasts a clean and easy-to-use interface along with a wide array of technical indicators. In a nutshell, it is a much easier and quicker way of checking what’s happening in the markets while you are in your office, car or even lounging on the beach somewhere.

  • Security and Safety

TradeLTD has made it a priority to secure the funds of traders using its platforms, especially because cyber-security threats are on the rise and this is a major concern amongst those who trade online. Therefore, the platform has made no compromises when it comes to keeping all information safe and secure. Currently, the tools it is implementing for this purpose are:

  • SSL: This is the most notable security measure taken by TradeLTD. It is a way of guaranteeing that all private and personal information provided by the clients such as their addresses and credit card details are kept safe and not fall into the hands of any third parties.
  • AML: Both the platform as well as the clients are subject to this anti-money laundering facility when they use TradeLTD. All trading transactions that are conducted via TradeLTD should be in accordance with the regulations of the country in which a trader resides.
  • Customer Support

Assisting traders in their time of need is also something that’s important for TradeLTD and this is obvious from the exemplary customer support services they offer. If you take a look at the various options at your disposal, you will discover that their expert team can be contacted through email, phone or even a live chat session. You can also fill out an online form if you wish and get assistance no matter what day or time it is. Other than that, TradeLTD also has a complete and detailed FAQs section that aims to answer any common question that a trader may have regarding the platform itself or the trading process for that matter. In this way, it ensures that traders are able to find exactly what they are looking for.

  • Training and Education

One more unique feature of TradeLTD is that it also has a complete section dedicated to training and educating traders in the ins and outs of various trading markets. You can find complete courses on forex, cryptocurrencies and numerous other markets. The information available here can be immensely useful, not just for someone who is just beginning to trade, but also those who are interested in polishing their skills and strategies.

With TradeLTD, all your trading needs are fulfilled in the most secure and smooth way possible, making it one of the best trading platforms.

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