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27Forex Review

27Forex logoThe financial market is presently the largest offering globally and it continues to grow while offering lots of opportunities and vast potential gains. These vast opportunities have then attracted lots of investors to come into the financial market to make their profits. And as a result,  the need for investors to look for a decent and convenient exchange platform that will offer them access to the financial market becomes necessary. 

Today, the financial market is highly saturated with exchange platforms such that a single web search will see numerous exchange platforms suggested to investors and traders. This is meant to be of great advantage but that has not been the case as many of these exchanges are now known to be fraudulent and of outright scams.

Trading as most of us recognize, is a tasking job in itself both for newbies (who have to learn and understand various financial tools and trading terminologies) and expert traders. However, scams and frauds that are now widespread have now made trading a more difficult job as investors now have to always be on guard to protect themselves against these scams.

This is because all traders irrespective of their experience in the financial industry can be a victim of these scams as the financial industry has now been constantly abused by these fraudulent exchange platforms to prey on unsuspecting investors and traders.

As an investor looking to trade in the financial market, it is then crucial to be able to recognize exchange platforms that are decent enough to meet your trading needs and to stay away from those that could cause you harm.

Among the exchange platforms present in the financial market, there’s still a considerable amount of brokerage firms that are well regulated in that they have the necessary license and authorization from a regulatory body while on the other hand, some exchange platforms are licensed by an offshore regulator or not regulated at all.

The whole idea of regulation has always been to protect clients’ investments and ensure a safe venture and a secure trading environment. Generally, regulated exchange platforms are bound by several specific regulations and standards established by a known international authority. The regulatory body then keeps in check the overall operations of exchange platforms and how it affects its clients’ safety and interest.

Therefore it is always recommended to sign up with a regulated exchange platform as the security of your investments is always guaranteed. However, this is not to say that offshore exchange platforms are outright scams as there are several of them out there offering quality services.

Talking about top-quality offshore exchange platforms, one that comes to mind and that has been talked about severally is the 27Forex exchange platform. In this review, we will be discussing expressly, the overall operations, features, and benefits of the 27Forex exchange platform. So let’s dive deep to have a better understanding of the 27Forex exchange platform.

Trading platformMetaTrader5 and MobiusTrader7
Trading optionForex, and Commodities
Minimum deposit$10
LeverageMaximum of 1:100
Payment MethodSkrill, Bitcoin, Local Bank, and Netellar
Security2-Factor Authentication (2FA), and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology.

27forex website

27Forex is an exchange platform that has successfully grown and expanded its services to various institutional and retail clients all over the world since its establishment. The exchange platform today is now available to investors in over 160 countries across the globe and continues to work towards more expansion.

The exchange platform aims at providing a safe and helpful trading environment as well as smooth access to the financial markets. The exchange’s primary goal has always been to develop more advanced solutions to enhance the overall quality of trading in the digital world. As a result, the platform is fully invested in offering the best support to its partners and clients as they look forward to building a more reputable brand.

27Forex has made available several extraordinary features for its clients to better serve them. So let’s have a look at some of these features.

Trading Platform

The trading platform offered by a brokerage firm could be the difference between investors making large profits or not. The trading platform is the software that runs the entire operation of an exchange platform; execution of trades, market trends, and analysis are all carried out on the trading platform.

This is why it is crucial for investors to choose an exchange platform that will offer a top-quality trading platform that is user-friendly and that guarantees a smooth user experience.  27Forex understanding how important the trading platform is to the overall trading experience of its clients has made available various trading platforms of top-quality.

The exchange platform provides the MobiusTrader7 and MetaTrader5 to its clients. These trading softwares are one the popular ones in the financial market and they are known to offer one of the best user interfaces and access to various financial instruments. Furthermore, the platforms are well incorporated with advanced trading facilities and tools to help traders make successful trade executions.

The MobiusTrader7 and MetaTrader5 are trading software that is both available on iOS, Android OS as well as Windows OS.

Security Protocols

Security is now a major concern in the trading world of today. This is because there’s been a continuous widespread of scams and fraudulent activities in the financial industry. As a result, investors and traders are now more vigilant and security conscious so as not to lose their investments.

In being security conscious and more vigilant, investors now look to choose exchange platforms that can provide the necessary security against these cyberattacks. 27Forex in working hard to be one of the top exchange platforms that offer adequate security to clients’ investments, has established several security protocols on its website.

Firstly, the Two-factor authentication (2FA) is integrated into the 27Forex exchange platform as the basic security measure. The Two-factor authentication (2FA) offers double security to clients’ trading accounts and gives access to third parties to log in only on the authorization of the account holder. The 2FA starves off hackers and protects your funds and trading accounts from unauthorized logins.

Furthermore, the exchange platform has implemented the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology that protects its clients’ information submitted during various online activities. As a result, clients’ personal sensitive information are well protected and kept secure from the public view.

Lastly, 27Forex makes use of separate accounts to store clients’ funds. This is done to prevent a mix up of clients’ funds with the firm’s such that in case of any financial mess experienced by the firm, clients funds remain unaffected. With all these measures put in place, clients have been able to trust 27Forex with their funds and trade without any concern whatsoever.

Educational Resources

As much as the financial market is open to all traders irrespective of their trading experience, it will be suicidal to just venture and invest your funds into it without a proper basic understanding of how the markets work. This is why 27Forex has taken it upon itself to educate traders most especially newbies and amateurs on the dynamics of the financial market so they can be at least prepared for the trading world.

27Forex makes available several relevant materials on its websites so traders can take advance of them to have a basic understanding of the money market. Traders are exposed to both technical and fundamental analysis they can use to establish their unique trading strategies.

Even without signing up with the exchange platform, traders can have access to these resources. However, registering with the exchange platform gives access to unlimited resources and materials that explains the financial market and various strategies that can be used in detail.

Account Options

27Forex does recognize that every trader mostly differs based on experience level, risk profile, and amount of funds they are willing or able to invest. And as such, they’ve made available 4 different trading accounts that can adequately meet these differences among traders.

Surprisingly, these accounts are not given specific names but are just tiered based on the minimum deposit required to own each account. So for the sake of clarity, we’ll be naming each account based on the minimum deposit required. Therefore we have the $10 account, $100 account, $500 account, and $3,000 account. Let’s have a look at the benefits and features these trading accounts offer.

$10 Account

  • Low spread as little as 1 pip
  • Leverage of 1:1000
  • 100% bonus
  • Deposit is made on request
  • Local withdrawal is made available
  • Daily withdrawal bonus of 1%

$100 Account

  • Low spread as little as 0.5 pip
  • Leverage of 1:500
  • 75% bonus
  • Deposit is instant
  • Local withdrawal is made available
  • Daily withdrawal bonus of 1%

$500 Account

  • Low spread as little as 0.3 pip
  • Leverage of 1:400
  • 50% bonus
  • Deposit is instant
  • Local withdrawal is made available
  • Daily withdrawal bonus of 1%

$3,000 Account

  • Low spread as little as 0.1 pip
  • Leverage of 1:200
  • 25% bonus
  • Deposit is instant
  • Local withdrawal is made available
  • Daily withdrawal bonus of 1%

Deposit and Withdrawal

After you must have signed up with an exchange platform, the next crucial step will be to deposit your investment capital into your trading account. As without an initial deposit, no exchange platform will grant you access to the financial market.

In depositing your initial investment, it is now the responsibility of the exchange platform to provide a smooth and easy process of payments and this also applies to the withdrawal of funds. Generally, exchange platforms provide various methods of payment so clients can themselves choose the one that best suits their situations. This is the same model 27Forex takes with its clients.

Both the deposit and withdrawal process at 27Forex is very straightforward and simple while being timely and highly efficient. Most importantly all deposits and withdrawals come at no cost or commission so that their clients can effectively maximize their profits.

The deposit and withdrawal methods include Skrill, Bitcoin, Local Bank, and Netellar. It is important to know that each payment method has its minimum deposit and withdrawal threshold. To use a local bank, a minimum deposit of 1500 INR. For Bitcoin, a minimum deposit of 0.00096000 BTC. For Skrill, a minimum deposit of 50.00 USD and Netellar, a minimum deposit of 50.00 EUR. This threshold also applies to withdrawals except when using a local bank that makes use of a 350 INR for withdrawals.

Customer Support

Another important factor to evaluate in choosing an exchange platform is the customer support being offered. The trading world is full of challenges and because of this, traders need all the help they can get especially from their chosen exchange platform.

The assistance and help offered by an exchange platform is an indication of how far the platform is ready to go to cater to the needs of its clients. And from what we can see so far, 27Forex is ready to go a mile.

The exchange platform makes available great customer service that puts the mind of its customers at rest even in times of emergencies. 27Forex has a team of professionals that are knowledgeable and vast in analyzing and creating various trading strategies.

The clients can get in touch with the exchange’s representatives either through Live Chats, Emails, or Phone calls. All necessary contact information can be found on its website.

Final Thoughts

27Forex is proof that not all offshore exchange platforms are outright scams as we still have quite a few decent ones in the financial industry. However, this doesn’t imply that you should put your guards down when it comes to vetting offshore exchange platforms.

From this review, it is evident that the 27Forex exchange platform is of incredible quality offering great features and support to its clients and the trading world in general. If you’re still not convince enough, you can always visit their website for more information about their services. All in all 27Forex is a platform worth choosing as a trading partner

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