Arbitrum/Fracton Ventures Partners To Advocate ETH Layer-2 In Japan

Latest update on Ethereum Layer 2 development says that Arbitrum and Fracton Ventures are forming a common force in a bid to dominate the Japanese market. Siddharth Pillai, Head of Partnerships at Fracton Venture, has expressed hope that the company is delivering its promise of hope in Japan.

Pillai also hinted at the abundant potential domicile in Japan’s blockchain industry, which he claims has less exposure to top technological tools. The Arbitrum Foundation’s Nina Rong, Head of Ecosystem Development, stressed the importance of this partnership.

Rong said, “Japan is a vibrant and attractive market for blockchain technology.” Rong added “We are thrilled to expand Ethereum’s presence in the region by introducing Arbitrum’s state-of-the-art Layer 2 solutions to Japanese developers and businesses.”

The companies want to leverage its vast network of business professionals, investors, and developers. Fracton Ventures has said they will facilitate cooperation between businesses active in the web2 and web3 domains. They also assured that by bridging the divide between conventional enterprises and the decentralized world of blockchain, this strategy hopes to accelerate the uptake of Ethereum Layer 2 solutions.

Arbitrum Partnership Timing Significant, As CEO Express Hope

The partnership occurred when Arbitrum made considerable advancements since its token airdropped in March 2023, which occurred at the same time as the official opening of the Arbitrum Foundation. The relevance of the Layer 2 scaling solution has attracted much interest because of its capacity to reduce congestion on the Ethereum network, significantly lowered transaction fees, and speed up transactions.

CEO of Fracton Ventures, Keiko Tanaka, expressed hope for the potential of the partnership. Tanaka says, “We think that combining Arbitrum’s technological prowess with Fracton Ventures’ wide network will open up new opportunities for businesses in Japan to take advantage of blockchain technology.”

While explaining the second strategy, the official statement explained that their plan for educational promotion would be focused on extending technical knowledge through a method they’d termed the “Ask-Me-Anything (AMA)” hackathons and sessions. The plan is also said to involve many community managers and University ambassadors who will be tasked with promoting the acceptance of Arbitrum among users.

Company Lists Strategy, Hints Expansion Of Technical Education

Industry watchers and stakeholders closely monitor how this partnership develops and whether it can successfully accelerate the incorporation of blockchain technology into one of the world’s most technologically advanced markets.

The partnership is said to target a double approach strategy to achieve its planned objective. According to the statement made by both companies, the first plan will focus on developing the business and building the necessary environment to help it thrive. The second strategy will be focused on educational promotion and community development.

Speaking on this development, Fumio Kishida, the Japanese Prime Minister, has expressed his optimism over the transformational potential of the Web 3 technology and its ability to facilitate positive social changes. Further investigation into the activities of Arbitrum has it that the company has made major progress since it launched its airdrop in March this year, coinciding with the official unavailing of the Arbitrum Foundation.

It was also gathered that Arbitrum has recently ranked as the most dominant player in the Ethereum Layer 2 market – outperforming its competitors, Coinbase’s Base and Optimism in Total Value Locked (TVL). As of press time, data from L2BEAT says that Arbitrum is worth $5.9 billion in TVL on the Layer 2 chain.

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