BitMEX & AC Milan Become Trading Partners

As part of the agreement between the different organizations, the BitMEX emblem will feature on the sleeved shirts of AC Milan.

BitMEX, a crypto derivative platform, said yesterday that it has collaborated with AC Milan, an Italian European football team. Whereas the duration of the agreement was not mentioned, BitMEX said that the issuer’s emblem will be placed on AC Milan’s jerseys in the future.

AC Milan announced in a news statement yesterday that it is thrilled to be collaborating with the BitMEX digital currency exchange platform.

“The BitMEX logo will appear on the sleeves of the men’s but even the women’s team that plays in all events, such as the UEFA Champions League, and also on the sleeves of the Rossoneri’s gaming squad, AQM – an additional first for the Club,” the football club said.

BitMEX’s relationship with AC Milan will be the first of this sort, and the institution plans to expand more into the realms of soccer and the gaming world of eSports. According to BitMEX’s President Alexander Höptner, the collaboration with AC Milan is indicative of the platform’s aim to begin a new journey.

He went on to say that the exchange is stepping up its efforts to raise name recognition and improve popular knowledge of digital currencies. The agreement is a refreshing change for BitMEX, which has been embroiled in some unpleasant headlines concerning authorities in previous months.

BitMEX further confirmed recently that it has achieved an arrangement with the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.  The lawsuit against its former directors, notably Arthur Hayes, remains open.

With the agreement of AC Milan, BitMEX becomes the latest digital currency exchange to collaborate with a sporting institution. In terms of relationships with sports leagues and teams, FTX is the dominant player.

FTX has collaborated with gaming team TSM,  Miami Heat team, and more than that, the League of Legends Tournament Series in recent months. has already collaborated with The Montreal Canadiens of the National Hockey League, Formula 1, Lega Serie A, and UFC.

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