Brian Quintenz Reportedly Steps Down as Commission at CFTC

Although it seemed that the situation was becoming stable for crypto-verse in the United States, the US crypto-community has been hit with a huge blow. According to reports, Brian Quintenz has made an announcement that he is planning to step down from his position.

Quinenz, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)’s commissioner has made an alarming announcement, which comes as alarming news for the cryptocurrency community. The entire cryptocurrency community considers him one of the friendliest personalities from the US regulatory authorities towards the crypto-verse.

Therefore, the entire cryptocurrency community would feel Quintenz’s departure from the CFTC as the commissioner. Now the cryptocurrency community would have one personnel less from the US regulatory authorities’ end who were somewhat on the same page as the crypto-verse.

Quintenz has announced that he is planning to leave the CFTC by the end of August 2021. He revealed that August 31, 2021, would be the last day of his work as the commissioner at the CFTC.

The news has already spread all over the US cryptocurrency community as well as the global cryptocurrency community. The Wall Street Journal has already published a report on Quintenz leaving the CFTC. The latest report on his departure from the CFTC was published by the Wall Street Journal on Thursday, August 19, 2021.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Quintenz has fully made up his mind that he will be moving on and will be departing from the CFTC by the end of August 2021. The report also reveals that Quintenz will go ahead and move into the private sector.

He has hinted that he will be moving into the private sector, which is directly linked with innovation and technology advancement. There are high chances that Quintenz may become part of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

However, Quintenz has assured the entire cryptocurrency community that he won’t be leaving the side of the cryptocurrency sector. He fully intends to support the cryptocurrency community even when he is no longer linked with the sector.

The cryptocurrency community in the United States highly regarded and praised Quintenz for his role at the CFTC. He was one of the highly praised personalities within the US administration supporting the idea of adopting and showing flexibility towards the crypto-technology.

The first time Quintenz was nominated for the role of a commissioner at the CFTC was back in March of 2016, by then US President, Barack Obama. Then in May 2017, Donald Trump went ahead and re-nominated him as a commissioner as the CFTC.

It is being speculated that by now, he must have received a vast number of proposals from different cryptocurrency firms to join them. This is because the cryptocurrency industry would love to have him on board as one of the major advisors.

Being with one of the major regulatory authorities in the United States and dealing with cryptocurrencies, Quintenz will have a vast amount of knowledge to share with the crypto-verse.

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