Buy Chainlink (LINK): The Best Exchanges to Use

Chainlink (LINK) is one of the leading projects in terms of innovation. It is a web3 platform that seeks to connect the world to blockchains and enable developers, startups, and enterprises to build tangible use cases that unlock real value in Web3.

It does this using a decentralized network of nodes that provide data and information from off-blockchain sources to on-blockchain smart contracts. At the heart of its operations are oracles, which facilitate the connections between blockchains and the external sources.

Because of this service that links blockchains with real world sources to facilitate data sharing, Chainlink has become a major contributor to the blockchain ecosystem. Consequently, its token, LINK, is one of the most sought after tokens.

If you’re looking for promising ERC-20 tokens to buy up for 2024, LINK is definitely one of them. In this guide, we name the best exchanges you can use to buy the token today.


Uphold is a crypto trading platform that facilitates the trading of several other assets including precious stones and other commodities. No wonder it is described as a place where you can “trade anything for anything”. 

The platform is simply designed to make it easy for anyone to buy tokens like LINK easily. You can buy LINK using other crypto assets or by depositing funds from your bank account through bank transfer. Other methods such as the use of debit and credit cards also exist. 

After buying LINK, you can trade it for other assets you hold in your wallet, or you can transfer it to a personal wallet. The fees on Uphold are quite low, which is one of the things attracting users to the platform.


Coinbase is much easier to use because of its simple and user-friendly design. This makes it a preferred destination for beginners looking to step into the crypto space. It is also reputed as a highly secure exchange with most of users’ funds stored offline.

Coinbase supports different funding methods for buying LINK, including bank transfer and the use of cards, depending on which one is more convenient to you. You can also use it on your mobile phone via the mobile app which can be installed for both Android and iOS users.

Coinbase supports hundreds of other assets apart from LINK, so you can always swap between them as you wish after buying. The fees are however quite high compared to other platforms on this list.


Kraken is a top exchange used globally with headquarters in the United States. It has everything you need to buy your first LINK tokens and use it for a number of purposes. One thing you can do with your LINK is to stake it on Kraken.

You can earn as high as 25% APY on your staked LINK tokens from any part of the world. In terms of fees, Kraken’s fees are very low, allowing you to buy LINK without losing too much in fees. It is also worthy of note that the exchange has advanced trading features for pros but is also simple enough for newbies to use.


Binance ticks lots of boxes when it comes to the choice of a platform for buying LINK. it is simple despite its advanced trading features, and is also one that is known for extremely low fees. Binance offers beginners a Lite version that gives them a headstart in their crypto journey.

You can buy LINK with other crypto assets or direct with fiat via bank transfer or cards. P2P trading option may also be available, allowing you to buy directly using your local currency. However, KYC may be required for you to carry this out.

Binance also has deep liquidity which makes it reliable in case you wish to trade your LINK for other tokens after buying it. The platform’s reliability is also top-notch with its proof of reserves in place.

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