The Best Crypto Exchanges for Buying Cardano (ADA): Top Picks for 2024

3 Easy Ways to Stake Cardano (ADA) and Earn Rewards in 2024

Cardano is one of the smart contract projects in the crypto industry. Being a proof-of-stake blockchain, consensus is achieved through validators who stake their ADA which is the native currency for the network.

The project’s founder Charles Hoskinson has a unique view of the world, believing that Cardano will one day outcompete Bitcoin to become the number one asset. To achieve this dream, he has engaged in several developmental projects on the network.

Cardano is also a platform for building and launching decentralized applications and smart contracts. It is a blockchain upon which several projects have been launched, including decentralized exchanges such as SundaeSwap.

Analysts believe that ADA is one of the most promising crypto assets because of the development activities of the network which can significantly affect its future performance. Based on that, we have chosen the best exchanges you can use to buy some ADA as follows.


Coinbase is the best exchange to use for beginners just dipping their feet into the crypto pool. To buy ADA, this is also a great place to do that with as little stress as possible. You can buy directly using fiat by bank transfer and cards or you can swap other assets for it.

After buying your ADA, you can also stake it right on Coinbase and earn amazing rewards. You should note however that Coinbase charges significantly more fees than any other exchange on this list. If that isn’t a problem to you, this is a great place to start.


Kraken’s platform is perfect for buying ADA because of its user-friendly design and low trading fees. You will only pay 0.1% in fees for spot and other trades, making it one of those with the lowest fees.

You can also stake your ADA on this platform immediately after buying it to start earning rewards as soon as possible. You can eastern up to 25% on your ADA per year without doing anything else.

Kraken is simple, but also offers amazing features that advanced users would find appealing. The exchange is also accessible globally, so chances are you can use it from wherever you are.


eToro is one of the top destinations for buying crypto assets, including ADA. The exchange’s design makes it ideal for anyone with any level of trading knowledge to use for buying ADA. Interestingly, you can also stake your ADA when you buy it, right on the exchange.

eToro also has considerably low fees for spot or other trading. You can deposit funds directly on the exchange via bank transfer to buy ADA or buy using debit and credit cards. You may also use some of your crypto assets on the exchange or its wallet to buy ADA.

In terms of security, eToro is top-notch because it is regulated in several countries including the UK, Cyprus and many others. Its social trading service is also worthy of mention because it gives beginners a chance to learn trading while earning.


KuCoin is a social trading platform known for its user-friendliness that places it in the same category as Coinbase. It allows beginners to copy the trades of pro traders and learn in the process.

You can enjoy low trading fees on KuCoin because it has one of the lowest fee rates in the industry. The fees can even be lower if you hold KCS, the exchange’s native token. 


Last but by no means the least is Binance. This is the leading exchange in the world and for good reason. It is easy to use, but also provides advanced tools for pro traders, making it a platform for everyone.

Binance is also known for its low trading fees, ranking among the lowest in the industry. The exchange’s deep liquidity and wide selection of assets also makes it an appealing option, in addition to the staking services for ADA.

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