Chubb, Oatly, and more Companies Making Stock Moves

In the list of companies making stock moves, Chubb is the first company that is looking forward to increasing its share prices in the upcoming days. The sources reveal that Chubb is in the process of acquiring Cigna’s Turkey and Asia Pacific businesses. Cigna is a rival insurer that has been competing with Chubb for a very long period of time. The sources reveal that the deal between the insurance companies for the acquisition of the mentioned businesses would be finalized at a prize of $5.75 billion. The $5.75 billion transactions will be made between the companies in cash. It has been predicted that the transaction between the firms would be taking place in the year 2022.

Oatly is the next company in the stock markets that has experienced a 5.4% increase in share prices. The data shows that the share prices for the oat milk-making company experienced a rise in premarket trading. The major reason behind the rise in the share prices for the company was the up-gradation of the stock status carried out by analysts from JP Morgan Securities. According to sources, the analysts at JPMorgan have upgraded the stock status to “overweight”. Previously, the stock status for Oatly was set to “neutral” by the analysts at JPMorgan Securities.

According to Oatly’s analysts, the company had recorded peak sales in the month of June 2021. However, the following months experienced a huge plunge in sales volumes, and until the end of September, the company’s sales rate was 49% negative. However, the company has now started experiencing a steady rise in its sales volumes. As of now, the company’s performance has become safe enough for the analysts to go ahead and upgrade its stock status.

Momentive Global is the next company on the list, which seems to have become the company that has outperformed the rest in the same category. Momentive Global is prominently known as the company that owns SurveyMonkey. The shares for the company have experienced a 10.9% rise in premarket trading. The share price rise has been recorded after reports have started emerging in regards to Momentive Global’s potential sale. For now, the company is exploring the possibilities of being sold. As of now, no word has been put out for the sale of the company. According to Bloomberg, the information is accurate because some of the very trusted insiders from Momentive Global, familiar with the matter have shared the information.

However, the insiders have revealed that the decision of the company can go in any direction. At present, the executives at the company are going through the possibilities of selling the company or remain independent.

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