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Coin2fx Review

Coin2fxDeciding to put your money in a financial venture requires utmost care,  especially in the highly volatile exchange industry. Investments require a high degree of thought and financial preparedness and are a resolution that should be reached with caution.

The knowledge and understanding of the industry which Coin2fx acquired over the year stands it out as the broker of choice you can entrust your investments with. Consistency over the years has been a major draw for clients to continue to patronize services offered.

These sterling attributes which respective clients have come to expect is the deployment of high-level modern technology comparable to any exchange around, placing special importance and value in developing a platform that makes clients can feel confident in against any form of cyber threats that may arise in the course of trading.

Is Coin2fx a scam Broker?

No. Coin2fx is not a scam.

Unbeatable Customer Care

Coin2fx has developed a team of competent and skilled personnel who are constantly in the process of rolling out captivating and engaging systems which offer its respective customers various options to choose from using its trading platforms. Since at Coin2fx, positive engagement is encouraged by traders which have enabled it to build on recommendations and criticisms from traders using its platforms. This is based on the central principle that the application of scientific knowledge should be easy to understand for all category of traders using the trading platform. 


The mission at Coin2fx is to make available and equip clients with a high-quality trading platform which is robust in its operations and consistency. This is achieved by deploying the latest in technological improvements to attract potential new customers while also retaining its old clients to continue to use its platforms in carrying out their trading business. Special importance is given to News update daily, continuous information flow, plan of actions and a thorough examination and explanation of the markets we are trading in. This is done to give clients a sense of confidence that their investments are not only safe and secure but are being handled by competent personnel who have been trained to attend to customer needs with a high degree of composure and responsibility to give the customers the trading accomplishments they desire.

Coin2fx platforms are suited to meet the changing needs of a broad variety of customers wherever they may come from all over the world. The company has taken this initiative to expand its knowledge of the world’s financial markets so that it can cater exclusively for clients and provide as expected world-class offerings in Contract for difference (CFDs) and forex trade. Meeting the expectations of diverse clients is one of its priorities to ensure that they keep on doing business with profitably. This will ensure that they continue to show the company constant support as they are provided with reliable services they can count on. Adjusting to changes in the industry and modify the way Coin2fx operate if it becomes necessary so that it can continue to deliver premium services to its customers even in a fast-paced industry.

Account Types Available on Coin2fx

Customers are allowed the right to make informed choices on what types of accounts they intend to use in trading on the trading platform. There are four account types traders can pick from as a first-timer or a super pro trader. These accounts are currently available for trading –Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond accounts. As a customer, you have the freedom to trade using the trading strategy you are comfortable with the level you prefer and still benefit from the coin2fx experience. A further breakdown of the account types showing the advantages and distinctive characteristics are outlined below:

Silver Account

The silver account gives you access to online courses, provides a 24-hour support service, market reviews and recommendation and tops it up with up to 10% margin loans.

Gold Account

This account also guarantees access to online courses coupled with free webinars, offers a 24-hour support service, makes available to traders weekly market reviews and recommendations. The Gold account gives up to 35% margin loans.

Platinum Account

In this category, traders also have access to online courses with the advantage of the opportunity to view our video library; 24-hour support service is also part of the deal for traders using this account. The platinum account also comes with a daily market review and recommendation, higher leverages, higher trading amounts risk-free trades and up to 50% margin loans.

Diamond Account

The diamond account is the highest trading account on the Coin2fx trading platform. This account gives as all other of our accounts free access to online courses and 24-hour support service. Some benefits of trading with this account include: having a personal training coach, access to VIP events, Exclusive strategies, higher trade amounts, exclusive trading signals, higher leverages, exchange at lowest rates and offers up to 100% margin loans.

Working with Coin2fx as a trading Partner

Being a part of Coin2fx is a worthwhile experience which can be yours if you choose to be an esteemed trading partner. These are the benefits accruable to its trading partners:

  • A professional and personal hands-on training
  • Speedy and secure deposits and withdrawals
  • Privacy and security assured at the highest levels
  • Enjoy educational resources and training access
  • Be part of constant promotions and loyalty rewards
  • Ability to choose from an array of web-based and mobile trading applications.
  • Transparent trading platforms handled with a professional touch capable of executing instant trade
  • Access to a range of tradeable assets and advanced trading tools
  • Superb mentoring and guidance available round the clock
  • An accurate and deep understanding into available opportunities to trade

These and much more are benefits you can enjoy as a customer trading on our platform at Coin2fx.

Our Know Your Customer Policy

At Coin2fx, the KYC policy is amongst the most robust in the industry because the company is completely against fraud which is embedded in its policy. The Company has a course of action which helps to guides in determining fraudulent accounts and activities trading on our platform. The policy is hinged on how to record for the historical purpose all cases of suspicious accounts are closed immediately and all funds therein are deemed lost.

To make certain of any information gathered from documentation collected from our customers, Coin2fx makes use of a wide range of electronic checks on customer’s transactions and account information. We usually specify as compulsory certain documents to be provided. Some of these requirements are listed below:

A copy of a recent utility usually not more than 3 months in your name and address for a service enjoyed at your place of accommodation.

A Coloured copy (front and back) of your National identity card, International passport or driving license. These documents are to be scanned and also carry your signature. Copies of your credit cards which were used in making the deposits. The front side which is expected to carry the following details – name, 4 last digits which should be conspicuous and the expiry date. The backside should carry the signature and CVV, the card verification value which is a three-digit number.

Any other documents that may be requested from the trading account owner.

At what stage do I need to make these documents available?

We would need to receive these essential documents before any cash exchanges to your benefit are carried out. Supplying these required documents almost immediately we request for them can hasten in the processing of your transactions and that we will be sincerely grateful for.

If we do not have these essential documents in our records, imminent withdrawals from your account will be voided and your trading account will be credited back. A notification will be sent with a detailed explanation through our system.

We may have needs of these documents as a result of a certain train of events. Some activities such as deposits and withdrawals may not be allowed in your account.

  To send these documents, please scan or better still use a high-quality digital camera to take a picture which should be saved in Jpeg. Send the items using the mail address: or better still have one of our representatives you have been in contact with receive the documents.

The integrity of your documents is guaranteed and respected. At Coin2fx, files obtained are completely protected and unauthorized access to customers’ information is prohibited throughout the review process.

Bonus Policy

Bonus programs such as bonuses, promotions and benefits are offered to new and existing customers under its bonus policy. Conditions guiding this policy are subject to change without prior notice to the customer. These conditions are provided by and are governed under the terms stipulated below:

  • Coin2fx reserves the right of choosing traders for different types of promotional offers.
  • The company develops the make-up and the ways it wants to carry out these offers as it deems fit. Other means are necessary to encourage traders are also nurtured by the company.
  • Traders are chosen to enjoy bonuses offered on equal terms and are enjoined to read all the features of bonuses or promotions put forward by the company.
  • By registering in any action or bonus shows that the customer agrees and accepts the current bonus policy of the company.
  • While the bonus is active, the trader is bound by the policy throughout the life span of that policy.
  • Failure to take advantage of a bonus by a trader does not in any way affect the relationship between the company and the customer since these bonuses are not compulsory or binding on the trader.
  • It is expected that the customer takes due diligence in learning about the Company’s bonus policy before registering or accepting any of the company’s bonus or promotions.
  • In regards to the policy from the Compliance Department, only a verified account can be credited with the deposit bonus. A required volume is expected to be met after which bonus is taken away from the trader’s account while at the same time deposited into the customer’s balance.
  • Coin2fx reserves the right to reject a bonus application or a trader’s bonus without previously informing or giving explanations in arriving at such a conclusion.
  • The Company also has the prerogative to approve by its policy, provisional withdrawals which can be at the company’s discretion.
  • A sale of bonuses to a third party is strictly forbidden. Bonuses and promotions are not transferable to another trading account on certain conditions since they are attached to a particular trading account.
  • Customers are expected to be guided on the risk of using bonuses or promotional offers without the skill set that goes with the territory. This could result in losses of accrued bonuses and funds deposited to the trading account of the company by the customer.
  • The Company reserves the right and is guided to carry out the following concerning its policy on bonus and promotional offers: determine the validity of promotions and bonuses, put in place for all promotional offers conditions and limitations and the right to make void a trader’s offer if it goes go against the company’s stated conditions. The company also has the power to reverse without pre informing the trader of the validity period of the bonus or action.

Trading in any investment opportunity that may generate profit requires coin2fx’s customers to deposit money on their online account. Profits may be withdrawn from the online account.

Deposit and withdrawal policy

Deposits and withdrawals are regulated by this WD policy as well as the generally applicable terms and conditions.


Deposits and withdrawals at Coin2fx are governed by the company’s WD policy which also rolls out favourable terms and conditions.

As a customer, you are expected to make deposits from a bank account domiciled in your country of residence before you can start trading. The account should also carry your name. Other conditions specify that the trader attests the authenticity of a SWIFT, the depositing account should be sent to ‘coin2fx’ to ascertain the source of the money expected to be used for trading. Failure to adhere to this policy means the trader may be blocked from depositing the money through Bank transfer. A customer may also face a 10% deduction for each month the account is not logged into and used for trading within three months.


The use of the same bank and credit/debit cards details in which deposits were made are the only acceptable means of by which withdrawals can be performed going by standard practice in the industry. The customer is also to note that surcharges and restrictions may apply when a customer deposit pays in money using other payment systems. The currency of withdrawing from the account is the same with that used in making the deposits unless otherwise agreed upon.

Clients are expected to approve withdrawal requests vocally without which Coin2fx will not officially agree to a withdrawal request and in certain circumstances will be asked to come forward with additional information and documents.

To facilitate a withdrawal request, the client is expected to satisfy the following conditions:

The client should log into their respective accounts through the website and click on withdrawal.

Ensure that are all necessary documents have been presented and approval got from the company’s compliance officer.

The name on the trading account must be the same as that of the beneficiary. Transfer requests of funds to a third party will not be honoured.

Withdrawal Processing Time

It will usually take between 3 – 15 business days for the money used to deposit funds to reach your bank account or credit card. Sometimes withdrawals to bank accounts may take longer as a result of precautionary checks put in place.

It should be clearly stated for emphasis that the Company does not commit itself to any specific period and additional charges imposed by third parties shall be deducted from the withdrawal or deposit as applicable


Coin2fx usually processes requests within 2 – 5 business day of receiving such requests. It is expected that an account holder double checks sent information as the company will not be liable for any errors made by the account holder.

The base currencies are GBP, US Dollars and the Euro. Conversions are done against these base currencies with any other currency at the prevailing exchange rate.

Coin2fx will generally settle trades or perform any required setoffs and deductions in the relevant currency where the account comprises such currency ledger, save that where such currency balance is insufficient, we may settle trades in any currency using the Exchange Rate.

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