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CoiniWelt Review

CoiniWelt logoPeople believe trading is becoming popular because you can do it from home, but that’s not what I think. I think if you are not getting any returns on your investment, you wouldn’t do something even from your home. So, in my opinion, the real reason people are getting interested in trading online is because they are seeing some good benefits. When you sign up with an online broker and trade, you can make a lot of money. Of course, the amount you make depends on successful trades. You can’t just trade and make money. Instead, you have to trade successfully and then you can make money.

However, if you are successful with your trading predictions and decisions, you can make as much money as you can imagine and dream. That’s what makes online trading so attractive for traders from all around the world. If you are someone who also finds interest in trading online, I think you should consider signing up with a broker like CoiniWelt. This broker will provide you with all the opportunities that you need in order to make it big in the online trading world. Just stay consistent with your analysis, trade successfully, and keep going forward.  

AssetsForex, Bonds, ETF, Indices, Stocks, Commodities
Customer Service24/5
BonusUp to 50%
Trading PlatformWeb Based
Mobile AppYes
Accounts TypesTrading and Savings
Minimum Deposit$250
Payment MethodsWire Transfer, Credit Cards, Internet Payments
TrainingEducation Center and Webinars

Here are the trading features with CoiniWelt that I think can allow you to make a lot of money on your trades.

The Lucrative Features of CoiniWelt

Very Little Initial Deposit

This is the first thing that I would like to bring your attention to. So, I have seen many online brokers that provide you with many different account types. These account types are there for you to sign up with the broker according to your requirements. If you are someone who has been trading for some time and you have plenty of money in your account for trading investments, you can go with an expensive account. However, I want new traders to focus on the basic trading accounts first. These are the accounts that you are really going to love.

Why? Well, the broker has made things easier than ever before. You sign up with these accounts with an amount so small that you will not feel any risk in trading. So, if you go with the basic account, the initial deposit is only $250. Yes, that’s the amount you need to be a part of an online trading world where you can make as much money as you like. If you go with a little advanced account, you can still start trading with an initial deposit of only $2500. So, these are the amount that you need in order to be a part of the online trading world and make the money that you have been dreaming of.

The Welcome Bonus

Firstly, there are very few brokers on the internet that allow you to get any bonus when you sign up with them. It is a pitiful situation since there are many other industries in which first time customers are given lots of different bonuses, perks, incentives, and discounts. However, when you sign up with online brokers, you rarely ever get anything more than what you are putting in your account. I think this broker has broken this particular spell of the online world by offering you the welcome bonus. Yes, you will be getting a welcome bonus from the broker as soon as you sign up with it and use its trading account.

What I loved the most about the welcome bonus from this broker is that it is available to all the traders who sign up with the broker. You don’t have to deposit thousands of dollars in your account to get this bonus. In fact, if you are a first time trader who is depositing only $250 in your account, you can still get the bonus. The bonus on the most basic account is of 20%. Yes, that’s a huge amount if you deposit $250 in your account right on day one. And think about the bonus that increases with every next account type. What it means is that the bonus on your standard trading account will be of 25%.

This bonus continues to increase with every single trading account until you reach the last one, which is the VIP account. Yes, this is a VIP account because with this one, you will get a huge welcome bonus of 50% on your deposit. What it means is that half of what you deposit in your account on day one will be credited to your account so you can aim high and trade the best assets that you like.

The Leverage

This is an area where I think I should advise the broker a little. I have seen online brokers that talk a lot about their leverages even if they are not special. I have seen brokers that are offering you nothing more than 1:30 in leverages when you trade them. However, when you look at the way they talk about their leverages, it feels as though they are offering you the best of both worlds. That’s not the case at all because there are always brokers that can offer you something better. Now, since we are talking about CoiniWelt, I have to tell you a great offer from this broker.

So, when you sign up with CoiniWelt and trade on its trading platform, you will get leverages of up to 1:200. Do you know what it means in the world of trading? Well, if you are new to the world of trading, then I would like to inform you that the broker you are signing up with is going to contribute $200 with every single dollar that you invest in trading. Yes, for every single dollar that you spend, the broker is willing to add $200 to your trade. This will allow you to enter big trades even if you have a very small amount in your account when you sign up.

Now, you do have to keep in mind that you will not get this leverage on every single asset with this broker. You can always call the broker to get more information, but I can tell you from the information that I have taken from the website that this leverage can change from one asset to another asset. So, I urge that you inspect every aspect of your trade before you enter it, not only with this broker but any broker that you sign up with online.

Account Managers

Account Managers

Do you know that the broker has account managers to offer you when you sign up with it? Well, that’s something I did not really know before I landed on the website of this broker. I was unfortunate that I was not able to find any broker that offered you this particular feature. Now that I have discovered this feature and I know a lot about it, I can tell you that there are not many brokers that offer you this particular feature. So, when you sign up with CoiniWelt, you will have an account manager to help you with your account related matters and issues.

What this means is that this manager will not let you put your money into trades that he/she thinks will not be safe for you. This way, you can make your investments in the safest trades in the world. You can always rest assured that the broker you have signed up with is taking care of you in the back. What I like even more about this feature is that the broker has made account managers available to all of its traders. Yes, if you look on the website, you will find out that the account manager feature has been provided by the broker in every single account. Yes, it might sound a lot in the beginning, but I can tell you that this broker is doing everything for your best.

Loss Minimizing Trading

Do you know that the broker you sign up with can provide you with a lot of different assets that you can trade from the same trading platform? I have to tell you that there are some brokers that offer you even more assets to trade than this broker, but there is no shortage with this one. You will find just about any asset that you can think of when you sign up with CoiniWelt. The broker has made sure that not only are able to know about these assets but you can also trade them when you sign up with this broker. The problem with trading many different types of assets right in the beginning is that you risk losing a lot of money.

First of all, you are putting your money into trades that you might not fully understand in the beginning. At the same time, you know the broker might not provide you with any protection when you enter those trades. Well, I can say that you have to say goodbye to these worries when you sign up with CoiniWelt. This broker has made sure that you get access to trading features that allow you to save and minimize your losses. When you trade with this broker, you will have many of these tools available to you for trading.

Stop loss and limit loss are only some of the strategies you can use with this broker. I can tell you that not every online broker will allow you to use these strategies. The most important thing that I have to tell you is that the broker has provided you with negative balance protection as well. What it means is that no matter how big the trade was that you lost, you will not see the balance of your account in minus. Yes, that’s a thing that can happen to you when you sign up with other brokers. I like the fact that CoiniWelt has put in the efforts to offer you something that sounds more balanced. So, you can trade with convenience and you don’t have to worry about losing your money just like that.

Savings Accounts

To make things better than ever, this broker has something to offer you that I think you might not have heard before. So, when you sign up with online brokers, you always have to pick from the trading accounts that are available on the website. You pick one account that you can easily pay for and then you trade in the financial markets. You have access to a variety of educational materials, tutorials, videos, etc. Once you have learned trading, you can start trading and how much you lose or gain depends totally on your choices and successful trades.

However, with this broker, you can make money if you don’t even trade conventionally with this broker. For example, the broker is offering you the savings account, which you can open with the broker and make money while sitting at home. The savings account makes you money when you stay with the broker for a long time. If you open the most basic savings account with the broker, you have to put at least $5000 in there. In return, the broker will offer you some great benefits and profits on the money that you are holding in the account. You can always pick the savings account that you like because the broker has four of them on its website.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot that I can admire about this broker, but I only have so much space and time to explain all the things. You can always try signing up with the broker personally and get all the information first-hand. The broker has definitely provided you with a trading system that can make you a lot of money if you are familiar with trading and the many trading strategies. I have specifically talked about only the features from the broker that I think can really make your trading successful and lucrative. So, don’t think too much and consider CoiniWelt on your short list of the best brokers.

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