Delta Air Lines, Plug Power, and more Companies Make Stock Price Movements

Delta Airlines is the first company to make stock movements after sharing its quarterly earnings for the recently concluded quarter. The airline company has reported that for the particular quarter, the analysts had estimated that the company’s quarterly earnings would be 30 cents per share. However, Delta Air Lines has successfully achieved earnings worth 43 cents per share. This is the first time the company has reported its profits since the pandemic.

As the pandemic hit the airline sector tremendously, Delta Air Lines was forced to shut down its operations for a very long time. Although the company has generated significant quarterly earnings, it has ended up incurring a loss as well. The loss has been caused by the fuel costs that have recently surged. As a result of the recent revelation of earnings and profits, the share prices for Delta Air Lines have experienced a 1.6% drop.

The major hydrogen fuel cell maker “Plug Power” comes next in the list that has experienced a significant rise in the share prices. Plug Power’s share prices have reportedly experienced a 7.1% rise in premarket trading. The rise in the company’s share prices was anticipated following an announcement that was made by the company partnering with Airbus. The company has announced that the motive behind their partnership is to decarbonize airport operations and air travel. Plug Power has announced that for this purpose, they have already selected an airport. The name of the first airport in the United States is gfv—kjas. Plug Power has revealed that it will be installing the first hydrogen hub at that particular airport as a pilot.

Hasbro comes next in the list experiencing a 1% drop in the share prices in the premarket trading. The fall in the share prices came after the announcement of Brian Goldner passing away. Goldner was the CEO at Hasbro and has passed away at the age of 58. It was revealed that it was just a few days back when Brian Goldner had taken a medical leave. For now, the cause of death has not been revealed by the toy-making company. However, the sources are speculating that the cause of his death was possibly cancer. The speculation is based on the reports from back in 2014 when it was revealed that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Qualcomm is the next company on the list that has experienced a 1.8% rise in share prices. The rise in the company’s share prices was recorded after Qualcomm announced that it was launching a buyback program. The company revealed that it would go for the $10 billion buyback program for the company’s shares. This is the second time the company has gone for the buyback program. Initially, the company had announced a buyback program for shares that were worth $900 million.

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